Therapy Tools Giveaway

Hi there friends! For a while now, I’ve wanted to organize a massive therapy giveaway of some kind to just say thank you for your support over the years. This week, (plus a few extra days…) I’ve got some really awesome therapy tools to give away as part of a Holiday Therapy celebration! This giveaway celebrates you and all you do for others. The items are therapy tools and resources that you can use in your clinic, classroom, or home. NOTE: This giveaway has now ended. Stay tuned for next year’s Annual Therapy Tools Giveaway occuring in November 2020.

Therapy Tools Giveaway

These therapy giveaway items are perfect for occupational therapists and anyone working in pediatrics.

Stop back each day to enter the daily giveaway and catch up on the ones you may have missed. Each giveaway opens on the day specified and will remain open for the duration of the giveaway period. Share this page with others you think may benefit from the item or items.

Thankful for You

I am so grateful and incredibly proud of the readers of The OT Toolbox. You are professionals, advocates, and servants, defenders, and counselors. You are leaders, educators, and supporters of those looking for their ability to do and be. You are the manager of function and the chief of ability. By using your sincere empathy, insight, judgement, and expertise, you are the means for guiding those you serve towards capability. The profession is proud to have you. You are an instrument to build up others and the system to establish function.

You are the reason that so many flourish with their daily occupations. You are the roadmap to ability in the day to day skills that make up our classrooms, clinics, and communities. You deserve so much more than these items. These giveaways are just a simple way to express gratitude for you and all you do on a daily basis.

Therapy Tools Giveaway

So, to kick off the holiday season with gratitude and thanks, I’m excited to announce the first (hopefully annual) Therapy Giveaway!

Scroll down to find and enter the therapy tools being given away this week. You will find items for the classroom, sensory tools, fine motor tools, and therapy resources designed to promote function and ability in a variety of occupations. Enter each giveaway once per day! Each giveaway may have additional rules or stipulations, depending on the brand or company offering the therapy item. This giveaway is hosted on The OT Toolbox but may offer additional giveaway


This is the place you will need to come back to each day over the course of the next 10 days. Each day, you will find a new therapy giveaway item “turned on”. If you missed entering any of the past giveaways, don’t worry! Just go back and enter those giveaways. All giveaways end on December 4th at 11:59 pm PST. Winners will be notified by email. Prizes will be fulfilled by the brand or company offering the giveaway. For some prizes, a full name and physical mailing address will need to be obtained via email so the prize can be mailed out.

Scroll through the images below and enter each one beginning on the day indicated. I’m excited to share each of the items below. In total, giveaway prizes add up to over $1,000! You’ll find therapy items that you can use in your practice, in the clinic, classroom, or home. There are sensory tools, handwriting products, massive therapy resource bundles, amazing therapeutic toys, and so much more. You are going to love each item!

Here we go!

Therapy Giveaway Item #1

Therapy giveaway Harkla sensory swing
Win a Harkla sensory swing for sensory input in the home or classroom! Valued at $80.00! Includes swing, all installation hardware, and cushion.

CLICK HERE to enter to win the Harkla Sensory Swing.

Therapy Giveaway Item #2

Lovevery blocks giveaway to win a set of blocks for kids
This 70 piece wooden block set from LOVEVERY is valued at $90 and includes over 20 block activities designed to promote skills, learning, and development.

Click HERE for a chance to win a LOVEVERY block set!

Therapy Giveaway Item #3

Free AOTA membership therapy giveaway
One occupational therapy professional will win a year-long membership to AOTA. Open to current and new (not currently a member) OTs, OTAs, OT students, and retired OT/OTAs.

Click HERE to enter to win a year-long membership to AOTA!

Therapy Giveaway Item #4

play and learn set giveaway for therapy giveaway
One PunkinFutz PlaySet, valued at $95.00. This multi-purpose therapeutic toy that offers endless learning and play activity opportunities and has a play-based curriculum available.

Click HERE to enter to win a PunkinFutz PlaySet!

Therapy Giveaway ITem #5

sensory friendly pajama set therapy giveaway
Win one pair of Lovey & Grink sensory friendly pajamas, valued at $42.00.

Click HERE to enter to win a pair of sensory friendly pajamas!

Therapy Giveaway Item #6

letter builder kit giveaway for therapy giveaway prize
Win one Lowercase Letter Builder Kit from Fundanoodle, valued at $74.99.

Click HERE to enter to win a Lowercase Letter Builder Fun Kit!

THerapy Giveaway #7

fine motor toy giveaway for week of therapy giveaways
Fine motor toy designed to promote fine motor strength, bilateral coordination, eye-hand coordination and more. Valued at $21.00

Click HERE to enter to win this fine motor toy!

Therapy Giveaway #8

therapy resources available online
Win a massive digital resource containing e-books, occupational therapy worksheets, activities, and therapy resources, valued at over $220!

Click HERE to enter to win a massive therapy resource bundle!

Therapy Giveaway #9

Win a Mightier Professional Kit, valued at $395 and includes a Mighty band & dedicated Mightier tablet, 1-on-1 onboarding and customized setup for your practice, Access to Professional Development Trainings and Mightier Certification Program, Unlimited player profiles, Monthly clinical consultation with a dedicated Mightier Certified OT

Click HERE to enter to win the Mightier Annual Professional Kit!

Therapy Giveaway Item #10

Pitchkit giveaway for therapy giveaway prize
Win a PunkinFutz Pitch Kit Set, to work on bilateral coordination, core strength, motor planning, eye-hand coordination, and more. Valued at $80.00

Click HERE to enter to win a PunkinFutz Pitch Kit Set!

Be sure to stop back each day to find out the details of each giveaway item!

Therapy tools giveaway items

29 thoughts on “Therapy Tools Giveaway”

  1. For my pre-k students I like to roll them up in a large weighted quilt like a “burrito” and then give some deep pressure once they end in prone. They love it and it is great at calming them!

  2. A weighted lap cushion can be very useful for calming and grounding children for tabletop activities!

  3. Heavy lifting & trampoline work, is the only way to calm after a stressful day, followed by hugs or snuggles under a heavy blanket

  4. I use a meditation pose from our daily yoga routine to calm for my 4 year old preschoolers. Cross feet, arms crossed tuck in and under, close eyes, tongue to roof of mouth, close eyes, and deep breaths.

  5. One of my favorite sensory activities to do with older, high functioning kiddos is to do a sensory experiment and then fill out a journal page about each sense. It really makes you slow down and think about how much is involved with each activity. Taste, touch, smell, sight, and sound. It really challenges the child to slow down and think about these things as well and how they affect them.

  6. I love “building roads” for calming activities. First a mat or thin foam layer then child, then another foam layer. A therapy ball becomes the grader, steam roller, truck dumping sand or pouring tar and then finishing with the cars or trucks going up and down the road. Works really well even if it gives the therapist a mild workout.

  7. We build all types of habitats with our blocks and different animals. It is fun to see what kids come up with and also is a great calming activity.

  8. The biggest benefit for me would be the resources and handouts. I am not a member of AOTA yet. I’ve been practicing in a pediatric clinic for a little over a year now. I often find myself doing a lot of research on ways to help my kiddos and their parents on various sites. There’s a lot of information on the internet that is questionable. It would be nice to have valuable material all in one place.

  9. Man this would be amazing to win!!! My therapy idea is theraputty with various animals or pegs to find inside. It’s probably been mentioned before but getting those little fingers warmed up for writing is important!

  10. i strongly believe in locus of control. i try to empower kids with joint compression strategies they can implement independently as well as mindfulness breathing.

  11. Any one of these would be fascinating for the university students I work with who are studying English and will be English teachers one day. Items like these many of them have never experienced! They are individuals who are told what they need to know in order to pass a test only. I provide opportunities for them and the children I work with with sensory, thinking, interactive activities to develop their curiosity, imagination, and creativity. Amidst music . . .

  12. With individual or small group we have used a very structured sensory obstacle course that includes stations of yoga poses, trampoline station, crash pad, swing if indicated, tunnel , heavy pressure station, deep breathing and stretch area with lights low and calming music if needed.

  13. Play-doh and making imaginary food is always a big hit. It can work on so many skills (bilateral coordination , finger isolation, hand strength, etc!).

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