Three Back to School Countdown Ideas

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Today we have Mari from Inspired By Family guest posting for us.  Let’s see what she has to say:
back to school countdown ideas

Hi I’m Mari Hernandez-Tuten over at Inspired by Familia we are a family friendly blog-zine with a quarterly online flip-page magazine. We enjoy inspiring you with ideas on all things family: recipes, crafts, home décor, inspirational encouragement, parenting, kid crafts and more… you can find all of our creative ideas on our website, Facebook or Pinterest. We would love for you to stop by and get to know us.

So this is the first time I am doing a back to school countdown with my kids to create a little anticipation and fun. Over on my website I shared a Free Back to School Countdown printable to make your countdown cute! Countdowns can be used with any grade and child but it’s especially great for kids who are not looking forward to school.

3 Back to School Countdown Ideas

1. Toilet Paper Roll countdown – This is what we are doing. I will use our countdown printables and I will glue them onto 6 empty toilet paper rolls. Inside each roll I will place back to school supplies for them to find each day. I will be sharing this one with you on my site at the end of the week.

2. Countdown Chain – All you need for this is to cut strips of paper and make a chain out of them. Each day have your child take a link down.

3. Lunch Bag Countdown– This is great if you are wanting to give the kids something that’s too big to fit inside a toilet paper roll as mentioned in idea 1. This allows you to use bigger school supplies items and place them inside the bag. You can also use the countdown printable to make a cute bag countdown.

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