New Year’s Eve Activity Kids Countdown Chain

Celebrate New Year’s Eve with kids by making a customizable activity countdown chain! 

New Year’s Eve sure has changed since having kids.  Gone are the days of glamorous parties with friends and family, heels and dresses to ring in the new year.  Now, we celebrate another year with dance parties with the kids and movie marathons.  Celebrating New Year’s Eve with kids is a different life and one that I wouldn’t trade for all of the little black dresses and strappy heels in the world.  With four young kids, we are in the thick of diapers, learning to tie shoes, and band-aides.  Being up all night has taken on a new definition with this stage of life!  

New Years with kids is about snacks, music, games, and family time. We made this New Year’s Eve Countdown Activity Chain to celebrate each hour leading up to the ball dropping with a child and family friendly activity.  This is a fun for the whole family! 

This is a quick and easy New Year’s Eve craft and activity that we threw together this week.  We made an activity chain to help the kids understand the passage of time to reach midnight (or a little earlier in the evening).  Kids can tear off a chain link as the hours pass to reach the new year. 

We’ve made a paper chain countdown as a visual reminder of time before, and it was such a hit with my kids, that I knew they would love to celebrate New Year’s Eve this way, too!

New Year’s Eve Activities for Kids to Countdown

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 New Year’s Eve ideas for Young Kids

We started with some fun shades of cardstock
.  Cut the paper into one inch strips.  I grabbed a marker and wrote out activities on each chain link.  Add a number for each link.  If the kids are older and will be staying up until midnight, you may want more numbers with activities for each hour.  A great idea for younger kids is to celebrate “midnight” at 7 or 8:00 pm.  You can still do this activity chain, you just won’t need as many chain links and activities.

Our New Year’s Eve Countdown Activities included:

  • Make a New Year’s resolution.
  • Play charades.
  • Dance party!
  • Say something you are thankful for.
  • What is something you are looking forward to in the new year?
  • And for the midnight chain link…Band pots and pans!  Celebrate the new year with family and friends!

Use a piece of clear tape
to connect the rings.  You’ll want to make sure they are in number order.

This is a fun way to get the kids involved in the new year celebrations.  Have the kids give input on the ring activities.

Let us know if you make a New Year’s Eve activity chain.  We love seeing pictures of our ideas in action on our Facebook page.

We’re wishing you a very happy New Year here at Sugar Aunts!

New Year's Eve activity countdown for ids paper chain craft
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