Back-to-School Motor Skills Kit


Grab this 55 page packet with a Back-to-School theme and help kids develop fine motor, gross motor, visual motor, and sensory motor skills so they can learn, write, build better pencil grasps, and focus during the school day!

After a break from school, kids come back to the school year with a “Summer Slide”. Use this packet to help them address weak muscles, poor coordination, lack of focus, and regulation needs so they can learn and enjoy school.

Kids have been on screen overload more than ever this past year. We are seeing more difficulty with handwriting skills, worse pencil control and dexterity, less practice and opportunities for addressing scissor skills, and much worse fine motor skills than ever before. Kids NEED fine motor skill development and play-based opportunities to thrive!

This print-and-go Back-to-School themed motor skills kit includes no-prep fine motor activities to help kids develop core strength, endurance, fine motor skills, functional pencil grasp, dexterity, strength, and self-regulation.

This 55 page no-prep packet includes everything you need to guide gross motor skills, fine motor skills, visual motor skills, and sensory motor skills in therapy sessions, in the classroom, and at home.


The Back-to-School Motor Skills Kit is a 55 PAGE PRINTABLE PACKET of hands-on activities, motor skills tasks, and worksheets to make back-to-school a breeze. Use this kit to develop pencil control, hand strength, fine motor dexterity, endurance, scissor skills, eye-hand coordination, handwriting, gross motor skills, visual motor skills, and much more. These print-and-go motor skills worksheets have everything you need for NO-PREP printable therapy activities.

Each activity page addresses fine motor skills such as:

    • Dexterity and Precision
    • Endurance Activities
    • Pinch and Grip Strength
    • Pinch and Grip Strength Activities
    • Arch Development Activities
    • Finger Isolation Activities
    • Separation of the Sides of the Hand Activities
    • Open Thumb Web-Space Activities
    • Wrist Extension
    • Motor Planning Skills
    • Whole Body Movements
    • Bilateral Coordination Activities
    • Eye-Hand Coordination Activities
    • Crossing Midline Activities
    • Visual Motor Integration
    • Visual Perceptual Skills
Great no-prep worksheets for school-based occupational therapy programs, OT home exercise programs, and clinic-based therapy sessions. These tools are perfect for home extension activities and to get kids back to learning and the classroom after a break from school.
  • Pencil Control
  • Coloring
  • Functional Pencil Grasp
  • Scissor Skills
  • Manipulating Small Objects
  • Whole Body Movements


  • 4 Back-to-School themed fine motor paths for coloring, pencil control, scissor skills, fine motor placement
  • 2 Color and cut sensory bin cards with a school supplies theme
  • 2 Symmetry drawing pages with school supplies theme
  • 3 Back-to-School themed “Write the Room” Pages in uppercase letters and lowercase letters
  • 3 Back-to-School themed “Write the Room” pages in uppercase/lowercase letters with tracing arrows for letter formation
  • 2 Roll and Write play dough pages for fine motor skills and handwriting
  • 1-10 Apple theme counting clip cards for clipping clothes pins, paper clips, or placing small objects
  • Gross Motor Hopscotch posters for directionality, gross motor skills, and more
  • School themed handwriting page with boxes for letter sizing
  • 2 Visual Perception handwriting pages
  • 3 School-themed fine motor silly maze paths (great for pencil control, tracing, and eye-hand coordination)
  •  1 School supply I Spy worksheet
  • “Teacher Says” gross motor skills game cards
  • A-Z Student letter cards for spelling words
  • 1-20 Student letter cards for counting and math skills
  • 3 pages of simple shapes cutting skills shapes in small, medium, and large sizes
  • 3 pages of simple shapes cutting skills shapes in small, medium, and large sizes



Each activity page includes reproducible activities based on School themes: backpacks, school buildings, students, hopscotch, apples, pencils, rulers, teachers, scissors, and more!

  • Fine Motor Paths- Print and play with these fine motor paths that build must-have fine motor skills. Use precision, graded grasp, and eye-hand coordination to place clip paper clips, clothes pins, or small objects like craft pom poms or mini erasers onto the clip cards. Add tools like tongs or tweezers, and the fingers for more coordination and endurance building activities.  This activity can be used over and over again. Extend the activity: Mark the path with pencils or slide into a page protector sheet and use a dry erase marker along the path. Roll play dough into “logs” and place along the path on each fine motor strip. TARGET SKILLS: Hand strength, eye-hand coordination, precision, finger isolation, grasp development, in-hand manipulation, handwriting, pencil control, hand strength, endurance.


  • Symmetry Drawing Pages- Includes 2 pages of symmetry drawing activities with school supplies theme. TARGET SKILLS: Visual closure, visual discrimination, pencil control, eye-hand coordination skills.


  • Back-to-School Themed “Write the Room” Pages– Includes 3 pages in bold font with uppercase letters and lowercase letters, and 3 pages in uppercase/lowercase letters with tracing arrows for letter formation. Cut out these cards and hang them around the room. Students can visually scan the room to locate cards and copy the words. Extend the activity: They can then copy the words written on the cards to work on copying skills from a distance and with visual shift to the vertical surface. Or, place the cards in a sensory bin or right on the table for a centers activity to work on near point copying skills. Use the tracing letters to form words with directional arrows. TARGET SKILLS: Handwriting, letter formation, visual perceptual skills, visual motor skills, copying near point, copying distance point.
  • Silly Path Worksheets- Includes 3 versions of school-themed paths. Users can color and cut the mazes, trace lines, or use play dough to follow the path.  Extend the Activity: Use the silly paths for building dexterity and in-hand manipulation skills. Hold several coins (or beads, etc.) and place one item at a time along the starfish path. Or, kids can use a pointer finger to trace along the paths. This activity is great for developing eye-hand coordination skills and finger isolation/separation of the sides of the hand. TARGET SKILLS: Finger isolation, separation of the sides of the hand, arch development, eye-hand coordination, pencil control, grasp, hand strength.


  • School Supply I Spy Worksheet– Find all of the items hidden in the I Spy page. Students can count the number of each item and write the number into the boxes at the bottom. Extend the Activity- Students can color the items that they find. Or have them place objects on each item. Or, use a bingo dabber to place dots on each object. TARGET SKILLS: Visual discrimination, form constancy, visual scanning, visual memory, visual attention, fine motor skills, in-hand manipulation, eye-hand coordination, number formation.


  • Pre-Writing Worksheets- Includes symmetry drawing worksheet and 4 pre-writing shapes tracing worksheets. Kids can work on forming and copying shapes such as a cross, circle, square, and triangle. Includes several worksheets to match summer themed images to the shape, to incorporate more visual perceptual skills and visual motor skill development. Extend the activity: Place beads, play dough, or small items into the shapes and along the dotted lines. Slide worksheets into a page protector to use a dry erase marker or sensory writing materials such as shaving cream, or finger paint. TARGET SKILLS: Handwriting, pre-writing skills, visual motor integration, letter formation, letter size, copying skills, spatial awareness.


  • School Themed Roll & Write Play Dough Mats- Includes 2 pages with school-themed images. Students can roll small balls of play dough to fit the different sized circles on each page.  Users can roll a die and use their fingertips to roll that number of small balls of play dough. They can place the small balls onto the play dough mat until all of the circles are filled. Includes a writing space for users to write about that picture. Extend the activity: Ask users to color in the circles using a crayon or pencil to work on pencil control. Or, place a small object such as crumbled paper, bead, or coin onto each circle. TARGET SKILLS: Pinch and grip strength, arch development, separation of the sides of the hand, dexterity, precision, grasp development, handwriting, eye-hand coordination, open thumb web-space.


  • A-Z Fine Motor Cards (Student Theme)- Cut out these A-Z cards and use them to spell school-themed words. Extend the Activity: Use these cards to match upper case letters to lower case letters, sound out words, spell peer names, in sensory bins. TARGET SKILLS: Scissor skills, eye-hand coordination, pincer grasp, bilateral coordination, crossing midline, multisensory learning, and more.


  • 1-20 Fine Motor Counting Cards (Student Theme)- Cut out the cards and use them to string beads, clip clothes pins, or count out coins, or other small manipulatives. Use the number cards on the fine motor ten frame number mats. Extend the activity: Use the cards in sensory bins for more motor experiences. TARGET SKILLS: Scissor skills, fine motor strength, eye-hand coordination.


  • 1-10 Counting Clip Cards (Apple Theme)- Cut out these clip cards and use for one-to-one correspondence. Students can attach clothes pins, paper clips, or placing small objects on each card to work on math skills and fine motor skill development. Extend the activity: Roll balls of play dough and place on each card, punch holes in each card to match the number of apples. Attach clothes pins, paper clips, or place mini erasers on each card. TARGET SKILLS: Grip and pinch strength, eye-hand coordination, open thumb web space, bilateral coordination.


  • Gross Motor Hopscotch Posters– Use the hopscotch themed pages to work on directionality, core strength, motor planning, and more. Hang these posters on the wall and ask students to follow directions to hop in different directions. Extend the activity: Laminate the pages and students can stick balls of play dough or wikki stix on the posters as they hop. Ask users to touch the page then hop. TARGET SKILLS: Core strength, Stability, balance, endurance, directionality, lateral movements, eye-hand coordination, motor planning, proprioceptive input, visual motor skills.


  • “Teacher Says” version of Simon Says Cards- Cut out these Teacher Says cards and play a school-themed version of Simon Says! This game targets gross motor skills, motor planning, heavy work proprioceptive input, and whole body movements, making it a great brain break for the classroom or therapy room! Extend the Activity: Students can call out the game moves. Play a “Simon” version of Simon Says where players need to remember the order of movements for sequencing and memory skill building. TARGET SKILLS: Gross motor skills, core strength, stability, endurance, balance, whole-body movements, heavy work, sensory processing, self-regulation, eye-hand coordination, motor planning, crossing midline, bilateral coordination, attention, focus, and memory.


  • Fill in the Words Handwriting Page- Users can match the words to the boxes to fill in each school-themed word. Extend the activity: Ask students to look at the words and try to remember the list when filling in each word. Ask students to name the size of each letter as they write the word. TARGET SKILLS: Letter size, letter formation, line awareness, spatial awareness, visual perceptual skills, and pencil control in handwriting.


  • Color and Cut Cards- Includes two pages of Back-to-School images. Cut along the lines to work on scissor skills. Color in the images to address hand strength and control. Use the cards in sensory bins. These open-ended cards can be used in sensory bins, directed coloring for working memory activities, scavenger hunts, obstacle courses, handwriting tasks, charades, picture copying, and more. TARGET SKILLS: Graded precision, sensory play, spatial concepts, working memory, visual attention, visual memory, motor planning, crossing midline, visual motor integration, pre-writing skills, spatial relations, visual discrimination, visual attention, visual memory, pencil control, visual closure.


  • Scissor Skills Activities- Includes: 3 pages of simple shapes in small, medium, and large sizes and 3 pages of complex shapes in small, medium, and large sizes.  Shapes include curved and angled lines. Extend the Activity: Work on coloring or painting with the images. Laminate the shapes and turn into lacing cards. TARGET SKILLS: Graded scissor skill accuracy and precision, visual perceptual skills, eye-hand coordination, crossing midline, bilateral coordination.


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