Video Game Party Ideas

You know we love party fun with our kids, right?    We haven’t had a lot of experience with video games, so we knew that when we introduced the kids to gaming, we wanted it to be educational and energetic.  The kids get up, get moving, and jump, dance, and MOVE!  We’ll definitely be using this system all winter long to keep the kids active when the temps drop outdoors.
The best thing about these games are the educational aspect.  Kids learn math, reading, and science skills in their age-appropriate level.  They are challenged to combine learning with activity right in their class curriculum.  The super cool motion sensor puts the child INTO the game, and they love seeing themselves up on the screen.  
We had to share this cool game system with our friends, and had a party to do just that!

Video Game Party Ideas

We sent out Leaf Frog branded invitations to a few friends and started planning our party fun:
Every party needs snacks.  When the kids are busy running, jumping, climbing, snowboarding, dancing, and karate chopping, they work up a sweat.  And need a little energy boost with healthy snacks.  We had our party after a long school day, so these kids were famished from a day of learning.  Getting the energy out with friends and healthy snacks were definitely a must!

Of course, we had to have frog snacks for our Leaf Frog party!  Well, we didn’t HAVE to, but they were very cute.  And the kids gobbled these happy frogs up!

To make the frog snacks, cut a cucumber slice in half.  Set one half piece on top of a whole slice.  Slice the other half piece into half again and use those parts for legs.  Slice a grape tomato into half and then half again.  Press this onto the top cucumber to make a smile.  It should stick.  Use a tiny little dab of icing to stick halves of raisins onto the top cucumber.  Done.  Watch them hop off the plate and into the kids’ tummies.

Snack Attack Snack Mix:  (super easy to mix up and super loved by active kids)
1/2 cup dried cherries or cranberries
2 cups whole grain rice chex cereal
1/2 cup roaster pistachios (optional)
3 cups (Amaon affiliate link) Kashi Heart To Heart Honey Toasted Oat Cereal

Directions~ Mix all ingredients together.  Place in a bowl.  Serve!

We ended our gaming party with an awards ceremony.  This was an intense moment as the kids lined up for their awards!  My kiddos maaaaay have been wearing their awards all week.  They are pretty proud!
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