Winnie the Pooh and Honey Bee birthday party details

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We celebrated a very special little lady’s FIRST birthday this weekend by attending her

This party had extra little details all through out and was such a fun way to celebrate together with family. 
We had so much fun playing at the park where this party was held, that we stayed for SIX hours!  We closed this party down and our little crew hung in there and was still playing hard an hour after everyone else left!
I wanted to share the details of this party, since it was such a beautiful day for such a sweet little doll baby.

Winnie the Pooh Birthday Party!

There were Pooh Bear and honey bee details everywhere!
How CUTE are these Bee Pops??!! They are chocolate dipped marshmallows and were a HUGE hit!  There were quite a few stolen bees by certain 2 year olds at the party 🙂

Pooh Bear and Honey Bee Party cakes:

These are so cute! (and reeeally good!)

Pooh Bear party activities:

I love the details here, and the perfect age-appropriateness going on!
Toddlers LOVE cardboard boxes, right?? They sure loved “Eeyore’s House”
“Rabbit’s Tunnel” was fun for crawling through…
…And all of the little “Tiggers” could bounce away the sugar rushes!
The “Honey Pot Bowling” game was fun for all ages 🙂
 The boys especially seemed to love this bean bag toss game.  I love the bee bean bags!

 Party Favors for a Winnie the Pooh party

of course need to contain gummy bears, Teddy Grahams, Pooh Bear Pez dispensers, and Winnie the Pooh spinning tops!
 How pretty are the colors of these pinwheels? They made perfect little toppers for the volleyball court sandcastles!

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  1. just love the bee marshmallows. Looks like you all had a wonderful time. My tot would have loved it. He make me sing him Winnie the pooh almost daily:-)

  2. The bees were made by my mother in law, and she used those wafer candy disks that have candy beads inside. She just broke the disks to only use the wafers. They are a different texture, but melt in your mouth. And perfect for bee wings 🙂

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