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Cutest Ever Bear Craft Christmas Ornament

If you have kids, you probably have read one of the Bear Books by Karma Wilson.  Books from the bear series are often on our library haul, so when we decided to make a Christmas tree ornament based on a childhood book, we knew that we had to make a bear craft Christmas ornament based on Bear Stays Up for Christmas.  We do love to come up with crafts and activities based on children's books and this Christmas book themed Christmas ornament craft was no exception.

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Bear craft Christmas ornament based on the book Bear Stays Up for Christmas.

Bear Craft Christmas Ornament

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When we came up with this bear craft, we knew we wanted to create a cute bear that matched the bear in Karma Wilson's Bear Stays Up for Christmas.  The bear books are such a fun series to read and we loved to see Bear's friends help him stay up to celebrate Christmas.

Bear Stays Up for Christmas is the perfect book to add to your reading list this Christmas season.  It shows us how bear discovers the best gift of all is giving.  How fun would it be to read this book, make the cute bear craft Christmas ornament, and then give it to a friend?

You'll need just a few materials to make this bear craft:


Brown twine

Peel and Stick Googly Eyes

Black crafting pom pom (We received ours from our friends at

Glue Tacky crafting glue works well.  Another idea is glue dots.


This is such an easy bear craft.  It would be perfect for preschool aged kids or grade school children. To start, you'll need to cut a bear face shape from the cardboard.

Bear craft that kids will love to make while working on fine motor skills.

Then, use the brown twine to wrap all around the cardboard face shape. Tape the twine to the back of the bear to keep it in place.

Fine motor tip: This activity is a great way to address bilateral coordination skills. Wrapping the twine around the cardboard shape allows kids to coordinate both hands together with a working hand and a non-dominant, assisting hand.  This type of activity requires a child to work at midline while looking down toward their hands.  It is a good activity for kids to seem to switch hands when writing or require prompts to hold the paper when writing and other tasks that utilize an assisting hand and precision work with the dominant hand.
Read here for more information on creative ways to address bilateral coordination
Help kids work on fine motor skills with a bear craft that is perfect for a Christmas ornament.

Continue to wrap the twine around the cardboard until most of the cardboard is not showing, including around the bear's ears.

Add a small piece of tape to the back of the bear craft to hold the end of the twine down.

Next, stick the peel and stick googly eyes on the bear's face.

Kids love to make crafts like this bear craft based on a popular childrens book.

Use a dab of glue or a glue dot to stick the crafting pom pom onto the bear craft.

Finally, use a small piece of twine on the back of the bear craft to create a loop in order to hang the bear craft Christmas ornament onto the Christmas tree.

While this bear craft was based on a popular children's Christmas book, it would be a great accompaniment for any bear themed preschool book or children's book.

Make this bear craft Christmas ornament based on Bear Stays Up for Christmas childrens book.

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Cutest ever bear craft Christmas ornament for kids.

Every Christmas tree needs this kid-made Christmas tree bear craft ornament!