Baby Safe Water Bead Sensory Play

We are big fans of sensory play around here.  When you’e got younger kids who see the big kids having fun in creative play, they want to get in on the action too!  Now, I’m not saying that my 7 month old want so jump in the sensory bins…Ok, yes she does…but she wants to grab everything and explore and learn her environment.  I put this sensory baby play activity together just for her in a baby-safe way so that she could explore a little sensory play.  Baby-style!
Baby play is fun to put together and it’s even more fun to watch little ones explore and learn from new experiences.  This water bead activity was no exception!
This sensory play activity is perfect for babies! Baby-safe water bead play

Baby Sensory Play Idea

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This activity was so easy to throw together.  We had colorful water beads left over from another activity and I put them into a gallon size freezer bag.  Seal it up tightly and you are ready to play.
My daughter is 7 months old and loved exploring this water bead sensory experience.  She grabbed the bag, poked the beads, pulled the bag…it was really fun watching her play!

When she got a little bored of the bag, I added a bit of water to the plastic bag.  It became a whole new sensory experience for her.  The colors seemed to pop more and they floated around a bit.  I put her on the floor with the water beads and she started exploring all over again.

Safety Note: This is an activity that requires adult supervision.  Never leave your small child alone while playing with water beads.  You may want to seal up the bag with strong tape in order to further provide a safety measure.  All activities that you see on this site are supervised.  Be sure to use your judgement when doing these activities with your child.  The OT Toolbox LLC is not at risk for any activity that you see on this web site.  By reading this blog and doing the activities you see here, you are agreeing to this statement.

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