Bear Puppets We’re Going On A Bear Hunt

Preschool Book Club is back with another great book and activity.  This time, we’re exploring Michael Rosen’s “We’re Going on a Bear Hunt”.  This book is SO much fun.  The detailed directions, the descriptive adventures, and the catchy phrases make it a hit with Toddlers and Preschoolers.  My crew can recite this book from heart after reading it over and over again.

What better way to celebrate a fun book than a cute snack??!  We made bear hunt puppets to go along with the exploring family in the book.  These edible puppets will make the story telling fun (and tasty)!

We're Going On a Bear Hunt book and snack idea for kids, this is perfect for Preschool!

We're Going on a Bear Hunt snack activity


We’re Going on a Bear Hunt Edible Puppets

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We're Going on a Bear Hunt snack activity

Making these bear puppet snacks is so easy.

teddy bear cookies 
pretzel dipping sticks 
peanut butter (although you could use any type of butter or even icing)

Start by putting a dab of peanut butter (or other butter) on the end of the pretzel stick.

Try not to eat it.

Stick the teddy bear grahams onto the peanut butter.  Done.  

Easy cuteness.

Show the kids how the bear goes over, under, around, and through as you read the book.  This is a great way to talk about spatial relationships while you discuss the family and bear’s journey through tall grass, mud, water, and forest.

Of course Baby Girl must do as big brother does.

We had fun making the bear puppets climb, jump, run, spin.  Even though it wasn’t exactly like the book…Little Guy had his bear doing ninja skills.

Of course.

We added a bowl of popcorn for a bit more snack time.  The popcorn became snow that the bears had to run through.


We enjoyed our bear puppet snacks.  The Preschool Book club will be back in two weeks with another great book for kids.  You can see all of the other books we’ve done here:
We're going on a bear hunt craft