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We’ve been busy cooking our way through the alphabet with our Cooking With Kids A-Z series.  All of the kid-friendly recipes here are great for occupational therapy cooking activities. While these recipes for kids are simple meal prep ideas for occupational therapy sessions or specific goals, they double as a way to help kids with areas like attention or direction following. We love the learning and therapeutic benefits to cooking with kids so this series is a winner for us.  Try all of these recipes for tasty dishes that you can cook together as a family.  

Meal Prep Ideas for Occupational Therapy

Cooking With Kids recipes for learning in the kitchen.  So many healthy meal ideas on this site that kids can make and learn while cooking.

Healthy Recipes for Kids

Veggie Puffs Recipe Homemade Pasta Recipe
A is for Apples: Apple Dumpling Recipe 
C is for Carrots: Veggie Puffs Recipe
D is for DoughHomemade Pasta Recipe
 Overnight Egg Strata Recipe   Strawberry Whole Wheat Pancakes  Fruit Pizza Recipe  Honey Peanut Butter Crispy Treats
G is for Grapes: Fruit Pizza Recipe
Wedding Soup Recipe  Jam and Greek Yogurt Dip Frozen Fruit Kabobs  Lemon bar Mason Jar Cookies
I is for Italian: Wedding Soup Recipe
 K is for Kiwi Fruit: Frozen Fruit Kabobs
Vegetable Quesadilla Recipe   Honey Nut Popcorn  Antipasto Skewers
M is for Mushrooms: Veggie Quesadilla Recipe
O is for OlivesAntipasto Skewer Kabobs
P is for Peppers: Asian Chicken
Q is for Quinoa: Quinoa Lettuce Wraps
R is for Rice: Vegetable Rice
S is for Spaghetti: Leftover Spaghetti Cups
 Vegan Smashed potatoes with avocado pesto recipe 
W is for Walnuts: 
X is for Christmas RecipeOvernight Cinnamon Buns

Fun Recipes- Holiday Cooking With Kids

Frankenstein Green Smoothie

Fun Recipes -Book Related Recipes


More Cooking With Kids Ideas

 Teach Fractions in the Kitchen 

Stop back for more Cooking With Kids Ideas.  We’re cooking up a storm all the time!

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Recipes for kids and families. Quick and easy recipes that kids can help make and the whole family will love.