Super Fun Dinosaur Game Kids

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Oh, those dinosaur games for kids have a special place in this mama’s heart! There is just something about the stomping and roaring of a dinosaur game that takes me back to my own kids at their preschool ages! This is an older post here on The OT Toolbox, but one that is one of my absolute favorites. We read the dinosaur book, Dinosaurumpus by Tony Mitton…and created a fun dino game that the kids loved! Our dinosaur movement game inspired tons of giggles and wiggles as we moved our way through this book with a gross motor activity!
If you are looking for more dinosaur activities for kids, be sure to check out our Dinosaur Jacks activity to promote more motor skills, and our Dinosaur visual perception worksheet to work on visual perceptual skills.
Dinosaurumpus gross motor movement game for kids who love dinosaurs!

Dinosaur Game for Kids

We’ve included affiliate links in this post for the book and items you’ll need to create the DIY Dinosaur game.  
Have you read the book, Dinosaurumpus!?  This is a book that is sure to get the kids moving with it’s loud and active rhymes as the dinosaurs dance an irresistible romp.  My kids couldn’t help but move and groove as I read them the story.  We had to make a movement gross motor game to go along with the book!
Dinosaur movement game for kids. This gross motor game is based on Dinosaurumpus the book and is a great activity for auditory and visual recall in kids.
Make this game easily using our free printable for the game board.  We listed out the dinosaurs in the book and the actions they did.  These went onto a game spinner that I made on  card stock.  We used dinosaur figures for part of our movement game.  These ones are a great deal!

free dinosaur game for kids To Inspire gross motor movement

dinosaur movement game printabledinosaurumpus game printable

To play the dinosaur movement game:

This is a dinosaur movement activity for preschool and older aged kids. Use in in the classroom or home as part of a story and reading activity, or use it as a dinosaur brain break in the classroom. 

First print out the free printable.  You’ll also want the game rules for easy play and the spinner piece.  Make your game board and ensure the arrow spins using a brass fastener.

Print your printable on card stock OR you can use regular printer paper for the game board, but the arrow won’t spin as well. You may want to print the game spinner on paper and then glue to cardboard for more sturdiness during (active) play. 

One player hides the dinosaur figures around the room or outdoor play area.  
The first player spins the arrow and reads the action.  He or she then races off to find one of the hidden dinosaurs.  When she finds a dinosaur, she races back and performs the action.
There will be shakes, stomps, jumps, and TONS of giggles with this gross motor activity!
We loved this game activity for it’s gross motor action.  It would be a great activity for rainy day fun or indoor play when the kids need to get the wiggles out.  Racing off and remembering the action they must perform requires a child to recall auditory and visual information necessary for so many functional skills.  
GET THE free printable  and the game rules/spinner by clicking the links.
We hid the dinosaurs in all sorts of fun spaces in the house.
The dinosaurs in the book, Dinosaurumpus! move a lot!  Get ready for stomping, shaking, diving, dancing, running, jumping, twisting, and spinning!
Dinosaur activity for kids for gross motor skills and fine motor skills
My kids love any kind of scavenger hunt game and this one, with its movement portion, was a HUGE hit!
Dinosaur gross motor movement game based on the book, Dinosaurumpus!
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Gross motor skills are important to develop through play.  It’s essential for attention and focus to build core body strength.  

More Gross Motor Activities

Looking for more ways to work on gross motor skills like core strength and proximal stability for improved attention and distal mobility?
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Dinosaur game for kids that is a great preschool dinosaur activity for gross motor skills.
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