Acorn Activity for Learning Vocabulary Words

This acorn activity is an old one on our website, but it’s still so much fun! In the Fall months, acorns can be found all over in many forests and lawns, and here we are showing a creative way to use acorns to support learning vocabulary words…BUT, you could apply this idea to use acorns in learning letters, spelling words, or any aspect of elementary learning and preschool development!

Pair this with Fall fine motor activities or a Fall leaves therapy theme for fall OT sessions!

Acorn Activity

Do you remember reading over vocab lists, memorizing as much as you can the night before a test?

If you are a hands-on learner, you have a lot of trouble with memorizing lists.   

At best, you recall the words for the morning of the test.  But a week later?  A day later?  That afternoon?  It’s all gone.  As soon as the teacher says, “Ok, turn in your test!”, it all wooshes out of your head.

This Acorn Vocabulary Activity is perfect for hands-on learners that just don’t do memorizing and lists.  And we’re not talking about acorn terms, acorn parts, or acorn types.  This fun Fall activity is perfect for vocab fords of any kind!

Kids can practice and learn vocabulary words and definitions with a hands-on learning activity using acorns and a Fall theme tree. It's a fun way to learn vocab words without just memorizing a list! Perfect for second grade ELA!

This was a fun activity to make with my oldest daughter.  Second grader with a vocab list in her hands + pile of acorns in the backyard = fun, hands-on learning activity!

To practice vocab words, you’ll need just a few materials:
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One way to gather the acorns is on a family nature walk. Once you’ve gathered a bucket or basket full of acorns, you are ready to go!

Acorn Activity for Learning Vocabulary Words

This is a great vocabulary activity for elementary students. The adult or the child can try to write the words right on the acorns. Younger students like preschoolers can use just a letter on the acorns.

To practice vocab words with acorns:

Draw a tree on a paper or cardboard.  Note: This is my tree. My very fingernail-finger-not-treelike-tree.  Not my 2nd grader’s tree.  (She could draw a better looking, less fingernail-y tree.)  But no matter what your tree looks like, it is perfectly tree-ish and will be perfect!

Get the kids involved in drawing a tree.  You’ll want the branches to be wide enough for writing (which is why we did the activity with my tree-like figure).  

Write vocabulary words on acorns, using a black marker.  Washable is great, then you can rinse the acorns and throw them back outside for the squirrels.

Use acorns in vocabulary activities for elementary students

Have your kiddo write out the definitions to vocab words on the tree branches, on the ground of the picture, or anywhere they like.

If you would like a printable tree, I’ve got one here for you.  Simply print and write the definitions along the lines of the branches.

Acorn activity to practice vocabulary words.

Match up the acorns to the definitions. You can tape the acorns on with a ring of tape on the back of the acorns or just place them on the branches to practice over and over again.

Have fun practicing vocabulary words, the hands-on way!

Vocabulary acorns on a cardboard tree

More Acorn Activities

Add these movement and learning ideas to create an acorn theme to develop skills in therapy or at home:

  • Add squirrel themed brain breaks to the mix for nuts and acorn fun. These are great for self-regulation or for transitions between activities
  • Acorn Counting Cards– Cut out the acorn counting cards in the Fall Fine Motor Kit. Use them in sensory bins or to work on number formation and fine motor tasks.
  • Acorn Sensory Bin- Create a sensory bin with real acorns or use the printable materials in the Fall Fine Motor Kit.
  • Work on fine motor skills with an acorn array with this activity. Cut out the acorn images and place them on the mat to work on fine motor skills and visual motor skills.
  • Work on copying skills and handwriting with this acorn copy work activity.
  • Cut out the acorns and squeeze clothes pins for fine motor work and strengthening with this acorn craft and banner activity.
  • Acorn play dough mats- The Fall Fine Motor Kit has printable play dough mats to develop strength and eye-hand coordination by rolling play dough balls onto an acorn printable.

You will love these other hands-on learning ideas: 




Acorn activity for learning vocabulary words

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