Fine Motor Feather Burlap Weaving

Fine motor feather burlap weaving activity is a creative way to build many fine motor skills  needed for functional tasks.  This creative weaving activity uses a few materials you might have in your craft area or can be easily found in craft stores.  Grab some feathers and get ready to work on those fine motor skills! If you re looking for easy ways to sneak in bilateral coordination skills, we’ve got a ton to share! 
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Fine motor feather burlap weaving activity to build fine motor skills

Burlap Weaving Activity

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This fine motor activity was last minute project that used feathers and burlap ribbon in a couple different colors.  
Weaving colorful feathers and colored burlap fine motor activity
To work on fine motor skills with this weaving activity, cut the burlap ribbon into squares.  Then, start weaving the feathers through the holes of the burlap material.  There is no right or wrong way to complete this activity.  It’s a true process art activity that works on so many fine motor skills.
Overlap pieces of burlap ribbon for a colorful collage art that is hands-on and multi-textural.
Feather and burlap fine motor activity for kids

Neat Pincer Grasp Fine Motor Activity Buttoning Tips and Tricks

Try “racing” one feather against another in a piece of burlap ribbon.  This is a great way to build spatial and positional awareness as well as eye-hand coordination.  

Weaving Burlap Fine Motor Skills

When weaving burlap, there are many fine motor skills that are addressed.

So, what exactly are you working on when completing this project?

Threading the feathers through the holes of the burlap ribbon is a fun way to work on many skills needed for skills like pencil grasp, handwriting, manipulating clothing fasteners, and tying shoes.  

Click on each of the links above to read more about that skill area as well as additional creative activities designed to build that particular area.  

Weave feathers through burlap for a fine motor activity.

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burlap feathers lacing activity