Fairy Tale Fine Motor Kit


This Fairy Tale Fine Motor Kit, with almost 100 pages of fun fairy tale themed activities is sure to please princes and princesses everywhere!  Better yet, add a secret element of learning and skill acquisition, while students are engaging in something they love. Target skills in handwriting, fine motor dexterity, strength, coordination, and more by using Fairy Tale cutting tasks, writing activities, movement tasks, and more.

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All children can identify with some element of fairy tale fun, whether it is castles and knights, princesses and carriages, rainbows and unicorns, Frozen, Cinderella, Tinkerbell, or Harry Potter.  Even the most willing participant gets tired of everyday worksheets,  Spice up your treatment sessions with this motivating Fairy Tale Fine Motor Kit.  This kit contains dozens of hands-on activities for fine motor, visual motor, and sensory motor skill development.

What’s in the Fairy Tale Fine Motor Kit? 

The key to a successful activity is one that not only motivates students to work, but addresses several skills at one time.  The Fary Tale Fine Motor Kit does just that.  Check out what is included in this amazing kit:

  • Glue Skills – use your glue bottle to practice making glue dots on paper.  Add pieces of crumpled tissue paper, pompoms, hole punches, or other material to practice those fine motor skills
  • Fine Motor Carriages – grab some tweezers or tongs and small items of any kind.  Use the tongs to pick up the items and place into numbered carriages
  • Lacing Cards – cut out and laminate cards to work on lacing through holes
  • Finger Puppets – color, cut, and tape these cute figures into finger puppets
  • Fine Motor Clips – color and cut these shapes. Use clothespins to clip the target number onto the magic wands
  • 4 pages of Toothpick Art – Place pages onto a carpet or thick cardboard.  Use a toothpick or thumb tack to punch holes around the outside of these fun fairy tale pictures while building fine motor strength and dexterity
  • Find and Color – search and find all of the hidden items in the castle picture while working on visual perceptual skills
  • 5 pages of Fine Motor Crumble Art – use bottled glue and tissue paper crumbles to decorate these fairy tale themed pictures.  Try sequins, pompoms, colored rice, buttons, or any other small objects as well
  • 12 different Fairy Tale Fine Motor Strips – another versatile activity!  Color the strips.  Use mini erasers or buttons to place along the strips.  Use a writing tool to draw within the paths.  Place stickers along the paths.  Color inside the paths
  • 7 Types of Fairy Tale Cutting Strip Pages – cut along different sizes and shapes of fairy tale themed paths.  Use a hole punch to make dotted lines along the paper for lacing holes or as a tactile cutting guide.  Each page features different types of lines for cutting with graphics from Frozen, Beauty and the Beast, Cinderella, and more
  • Fairy Tale Color and Cut – these two pages come with eleven different ways to use them.  Activities like sensory bins, coloring, cutting, memory games, picture cutting and more.
  • 7 pages of Cutting Shapes – from simple to complex shapes.  Several different types of fairy tales are featured in these pages
  • Scissor Skills Puzzle Pages – cut across the pieces, then assemble the puzzles to make fairies, castles, flowers, rainbows, and more
  • 9 pages of Writing Sheets – copy large, small, cursive, printed, lined, and unlined pages of fairy tale words
  • Fairy Tale Words Match – pages of fairy tale related pictures with words to match and copy. Practice reading, scanning, copying, and handwriting skills.  Different types of writing paper provided
  • Rainbow Write – practice writing fairy tale themed words
  • Trace and Write – trace the images, then write what the picture is
  • Copy Shapes – trace along the lines to create basic shapes with a fairy tale design
  • Symmetry Draw – draw the other half to common sports equipment
  • Sensory Bin Writing Tray Cards – 13 pages of fun tracing cards.  Upper/lowercase letters and numbers for fine motor and sensory fun with the fairy tale theme
  • Fairy Tale Play Dough Mats – several pages to roll and place dough onto the fairy tale themed pictures
  • BONUS PAGES – find several bonus pictures and writing sheets at the end of the pack with fire breathing dragons, castles, and unicorns

SKILLS ADDRESSED in the Fairy Tale Fine Motor Kit

There are literally too many skills to list that are developed using the Fairy Tale Fine Motor Kit.   Here are just a few:

  • Hand strength
  • Dexterity
  • Eye hand coordination
  • Finger isolation
  • Separation of sides of the hand
  • Scissor skills
  • Graded precision
  • Pinch
  • Arch development
  • Visual motor skills – coloring, writing, drawing, copying
  • Visual perceptual skills
  • Tactile sensory play
  • Pencil skills
  • Precision
  • Crossing midline
  • Working memory


Several pages can be laminated or put into page protectors for reusability.  Other pages can be printed on heavy card stock to make them easier to manipulate.  There are black and white, along with colored versions of many of the activities.  Grab your toolbox of writing tools, scissors, glue, and fine motor manipulatives to use with this entire Fairy Tale Fine Motor Pack.

This is a digital product.