Frogs and Toads Motor Skills Mini Pack


Working on fine motor skills? Know a child who loves all things frogs or toads? Need frog and toad activities to pair with books or science themes? This Frogs and Toads Activities pack is for you!

Work on grasp, hand strength, eye-hand coordination, handwriting, scissor skills, heavy work, gross motor skills, coordination, and all things fine and gross motor skills with this Frogs and Toads Motor Skills Mini-Pack

Addressing hand strength, endurance, and precision is something to hop for!


  • Fine Motor Mazes
  • Fine motor paths
  • A-Z frog letters for word building
  • “Froggy Says” gross motor game
  • 1-20 Number Building Mats
  • Play Dough Mat
  • Handwriting Pages
  • I Spy page
  • Gross motor directionality sheets


Work on fine and gross motor skills with frog and toad activities theme:

  • Hand strength
  • Dexterity
  • Precision
  • Eye-hand coordination
  • Visual motor skills
  • Grasp development
  • In-hand manipulation
  • Bilateral coordination
  • Handwriting
  • Pencil control
  • Refined grasp and release
  • Scissor skills
  • Coloring
  • Core strength
  • Motor planning
  • Sequencing
  • Crossing midline

Frog and Toad Activities Motor Skills Pack

This fine motor/gross motor kit includes 44 pages of printable resources. Included in this printable pack are:

  1. Frog Hop Direction Pages
  2. Feed the Frog Play Dough/Fine Motor Skills Mat
  3. Copy the Words Handwriting Page
  4. Frog Handwriting Pages (2 styles of paper)
  5. 3 Fine Motor Activity Mazes
  6. Froggy I Spy Page
  7. Froggy Says Motor Skills Cards
  8. Frog Hop Fine Motor Paths
  9. Frog Letter Cards
  10. 1-20 Fine Motor Number Mats

These printable activities extend to work on a variety of other functional areas, too: handwriting skills, numbers, math, adding, subtracting, one-to-one correspondence, scissor skills, coloring, and more.

Frog Hop Direction Pages-

Use these printable direction pages to encourage gross motor skills and directionality. Use the directional lily pads to work on directionality, motor planning, sequencing, following directions, and gross motor skills. There are several ways to use these pages:

  • Roll a die and hop that number of times, following directions on the direction sheets.
  • Use the directional lily pads to make a froggy motor pathway.
  • Use the directional lily pads for sequencing and motor planning: Hold up cards and play the classic game, Simon- kids can do the action and recall each movement as more movements are added to a sequence.
  • Come up with your own fun movement ideas


Feed the Frog Play Dough/Fine Motor Skills Mat

Roll a die. Count the number of dots. These are the “number of flies that the frog will eat. Tear up that number of small pieces of paper and crumble them into small balls. Place each “fly” along the frog’s tongue. Extend the activity to work on hand strength, finger isolation, in-hand manipulation, and more.

Copy the Words Handwriting Page

Copy words into boxes to address letter size, spatial awareness, and pencil control in handwriting. Includes frog and toad terms.

Frog Handwriting Pages (2 styles of paper)

Complete the visual perceptual skills activity and complete the frog writing prompt on two different styles of paper. Includes highlighted lines paper (double rule) and single rule lines.

3 Fine Motor Activity Mazes

Print off the 3 fine motor frog and toad mazes and build eye-hand coordination skills, in-hand manipulation, dexterity, and motor control skills. Roll play dough to follow the lines to the flies. Or, place small items along the lines, like mini-erasers or cut pieces of paper.

Froggy I Spy Page

Build visual perceptual skills and find all of the hidden frog and toad images in this fun I Spy page. Then write in the answers into the given spaces for number formation practice.

Froggy Says Motor Skills Cards

Cut out the movement activity cards for this gross motor activity, using the classic “Simon Says” game with a frog theme! Let’s play Froggy Says! Cut up the cards below and shuffle the cards. Some of the cards say “Froggy Says” and some do not. This game is the same as the classic Simon Says movement game. One player is the Froggy. One player is “Froggy”. They pull a card and read the instructions. Everyone else has to follow the directions and do what Froggy says. If Froggy doesn’t say “Froggy says”, then anyone that does that movement is “out” for that round. Includes cards with gross motor actions, with both “froggy says” and without the “froggy” options.

Frog Hop Fine Motor Paths

Use these 3 fine motor frog hop activities to build fine motor precision, eye-hand coordination, in-hand manipulation skills, and dexterity. Use the fine motor strips for building dexterity and in-hand manipulation skills. Hold several coins, mini erasers or other small objects. Place one item on each lily pad along the path. Extend the activity:

  • Slide into a page protector sheet and use a dry erase marker to place a mark on each lily pad.
  • Stick stickers along the path.
  • Turn a coin over for each lily pad.

Frog Letter Cards

Cut out these A-Z letter cards and get ready to spell with hands-on, multisensory learning opportunities. Cut out each card. Position the frog friends to spell words. Copy the words, working on letter formation. Use these frog letter friends to “hop” from one letter to another when sounding out words phonetically. Hop slowly from letter to letter to stretch out words. Try using a mini frog figure to hop from letter to letter.

1-20 Fine Motor Number Mats

Use the 1-20 number mat pages to build eye-hand coordination, fine motor strength, and dexterity. Kids can use tweezers or tongs to move small items onto the ten frame mats. Then, practice writing the number and building the number with play dough, counting blocks, or LEGO.