All About Me Free Printable PDF

Today, I have an exciting free printable for back-to-school: An all about me free printable PDF! An all about me activity is a great way to get to know students at the beginning of a new school year, and this free all about me printable is a writing and drawing activity designed specifically to focus on handwriting skills while allowing kids to tell all about themselves. Just print it off and get to know your new students this school year!

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all about me free printable pdf

All about me worksheet

I wanted to create an all about me printable worksheet that is slightly different than the others you may find available online. This worksheet focuses on list writing, use of spaces on a page, and drawing skills.

Here’s why: I wanted this resource to tell us more about the child’s specific interests and facts like birthdates…I wanted this about me worksheet to help the therapist or teacher gain knowledge about the child’s handwriting and spatial awareness skills.

This all about me worksheet tells us several things about the student:

  • Favorite things
  • Draw myself
  • When I grow up
  • All about my family
  • My favorite quote

While completing the all about me activity, kids can tell a bit about themselves as an icebreaker to a new school year. The best thing about this all about me activity sheet is that it covers a variety of topics and includes drawing and writing sentences. You can really screen a student’s writing skills, pencil control skills, and visual motor skills with this activity sheet.

To make this all about me activity even more interactive, ask kids to bring in a few items from home that tell about themselves. Ideas can include favorite things, sports or hobbies, family members, pets, etc. As long as all of the items can fit inside a brown paper bag, kids can bring that in their backpack and share a bit about themselves as an activity ideas for the beginning of the school year.

all about me free printable: Favorite Things List

Students can list out their favorite things on the lined paper. The worksheet includes a list so they can write out their favorite foods, sports, animals, colors, etc. Kids have the choice to write a list of the things that are most important to them, making the sheet personalized and not a cookie cutter worksheet.

When the student writes out a list of words on the about me sheet, we can see how they use lines, spatial awareness, margins, letter size, and formation in a list.

All About Me Drawing

Students can draw a picture of themselves in the given area and we can look at their eye-hand coordination, spatial relations, body awareness, and pencil control.

All ABout Me Growing Up

Students can write out what they want to be when they grow up on the writing lines. Not only can we take a look at their handwriting in this space, but we can then see their interest and focus learning and therapy activities on that functional task.

This is a great space for writing sentences and paragraphs. Kids can work on these skills but it’s also a good opportunity to quickly assess how students use spatial awareness, margins, and line use when writing sentences that they create, or the creative writing aspect where students compose the sentences rather than copy them from a model.

All About Me (and My Family)

All about the student includes the family unit, too! Students can write or draw about their family in the open space, and we can take a look at detail orientation of the child. Also, we can then ask the child about sending home notes and home exercise programs to parents when they complete this section of the About Me worksheet.

My Favorite Quote

Finally, there is a space on the All About Me Worksheet for a favorite quote. Students can either write a quote that they like or can make up a personal saying that they enjoy. This space can tell us a lot about the child’s mindset, motivation, and mindfulness awareness.

Free All About Me worksheets for students aged kindergarten through middle school. Use this for back to school handwriting tasks and getting to know new students at the start of a school year.

All About Me Worksheet for Middle School

This All About Me worksheet is great for both younger ages (kindergarten through third grade) because one sheet includes a double rule writing lines. The second page is a duplicate worksheet, but contains single rule writing lines, making it great for older students (fourth grade through middle school).

There aren’t many about me handouts for older students, so it was important to me to create a writing activity for students using a smaller writing area.

Free All About Me Worksheet

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    all about me free printable pdf

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