Back to School Toolkit

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Six digital products for the price of one! Included in this toolkit are: Back-to-school hole punch cards, I Spy printable worksheet, Tic Tac Toe home program file (editable PDF maker- requires power point), 2 styles of back-to-school/school materials handwriting paper, School materials matching game in printable PDF format with 31 reusable cards, and School materials match-up slide deck.



This collection of items is great for back-to-school and icebreaker activities with students or clients. The digital products all have a common theme of school materials and can be used any time of year! Included in this toolkit are:

Back-to-School Hole Punch Cards- ($3.00 value) Match upper and lower case letters with a hand strengthening activity as kids use a hole puncher to match lower case letters to it’s upper case letter. The cards have a book theme, so these cards can be used at any time of year. Pair them with a book-related activity when working on hand strength. Use the cards with a traditional hole puncher for gross hand strength or use with a finger hole puncher to work on arch strength, and pinch strength. Use the cut outs for precision of fine motor skills and dexterity.

Additional benefits include: eye-hand coordination, bilateral coordination, letter identification, finger isolation, visual convergence, separation of the sides of the hand.

Back-to-School Tic Tack Toe Board (Editable)- ($1.50 value) Use this editable power point file to add activities for home programs, therapy planning, or learning activities. This is a great way to add choice and motivation into learning and skill-building. Change the activities each week for a therapy planning tool. Print it off or send the file to students for in-person learning/therapy or distance learning/virtual therapy.

School Materials Match-Up Slide Deck- ($4.00 value) This interactive slide deck includes matching activities where students can look through digital cards to identify the matching school materials. Each slide challenges visual perceptual skills including: Visual discrimination, Visual memory, Figure-ground, Visual form constancy, Spatial relations, and Visual scanning. Students will love using the interactive feature to move a red dot to cover the matching items. This slide deck works with Google slides so it’s perfect for adding to Google classrooms or using in distance learning or teletherapy. Includes 15 slides for 15 rounds of the game. Use with one child/client or use this as a group activity on classroom Zoom calls.

School Materials Match-Up Printable Worksheet- (1.50 value) This digital file is a printable PDF version of the School Materials Match Up Slide Deck. Print off the sheets, cut out the 31 cards, and play this game over and over again. Laminate the pages for a reusable version that can be wiped down after each use. If laminated, students can use a dry erase marker to circle the matching items for each card. This game works great with the school materials handwriting paper described below. Students can write the names of the school materials to practice handwriting.

Additional benefits: Visual discrimination, Visual memory, Figure-ground, Visual form constancy, Spatial relations, and Visual scanning, Handwriting.

I Spy School Materials Worksheet- ($1.50 value) Take the fun of I Spy to the next level, with a back-to-school theme. Students can look and find a variety of school materials. This printable worksheet can be laminated or slid into a page protector sheet for re-use, or print off as many copies as you need! Use this activity all year long for a fun visual perceptual skill activity.

Additional benefits: Visual discrimination, Visual memory, Figure-ground, Visual form constancy, Spatial relations, and Visual scanning.

Back-to-School/School Materials Handwriting Paper- ($3.00 value) This set includes single rule and double rule paper with bold lines for handwriting needs, using a school materials theme. Use these handwriting pages in a page protected sheet or laminate them for re-use. Or, print off as many copies as you need. Kids will love to color in the school material icons for precision of pencil control, fine motor strength, and dexterity.

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