Interest Lists Writing Prompts


Help kids work on handwriting with interest-led writing prompts. Build carryover and motivation with handwriting by writing short lists, based on the child’s interests!

  • 150 interest writing prompt lists
  • 50 pages of digital file that can be used over and over again
  • Work on handwriting, pencil grasp, legibility, and carryover of skills


Use these interest-led writing prompts in list format to generate written work in short list form. Kids can practice handwriting, legibility, and pencil grasp by working on short, motivating, lists. Children struggling with carryover in handwriting will appreciate the interest-generated lists. The 150 lists in this 50 page digital file will facilitate interest and motivation in written work by using a child’s interests as a basis for written expression. This can be a helpful tool in ensuring carryover of taught tasks in pencil grasp work.

Keep Kids Motivated with Interest Writing Prompt Lists

Practice pencil grasp skills in short bursts based on the child’s interest. Consider the answers to the following questions when coming up with a list of words to use in written work practice:

  • What is the child’s interest? Where did it stem from?
  • What is driving the interest?
  • What does the child know about this topic?
  • What does the child want to know about this topic?

By answering these questions, interest-led writing prompts can be established and used as a meaningful and motivating factor in working on written work.


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