Magnetic Marble Run- Great Therapy Tool!

One thing occupational therapists love is using fun toys to develop skills and this magnetic marble run fits the bill. We found this Tumble Trax magnetic wall marble run and loved the ways to support fine motor skills, visual motor skills, and gross motor skills. Let’s take a better look at how to use a marble run to support development, and break down the activity analysis for this particular magnetic marble run toy.

Magnetic marble run activities for therapy

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How to Use a Magnetic Marble Run

Use this magnetic marble run in so many ways to work on a variety of skills. From fine motor, to core strength, to visual tracking, to crossing midline…this marble run can be so helpful.

We covered how to support skills such as visual tracking using marble runs in a different blog post but here, we hope to cover more ways to support development with a simple toy.

Because this marble run attaches to the wall using magnets, and because the magnetic marble run pieces are movable, there are so many ways to support development.

Some of these skills include gross motor development, visual motor skill development, fine motor development, and more.

Use a Magnetic Marble Run for Gross Motor Skills

Use the magnetic marble run on a vertical surface to address skill development:

  • Work on core strength by working on a vertical surface.
  • Address visual shift and upright posture by working at a plane equal or slightly above the head and line of sight.
  • Work on postural control
  • Address changes in positioning to bend, squat, and challenge different muscle groups by bending to retrieve marble run pieces and place them on the magnetic surface.
  • Work overhead to visually track and shift vision in different planes.
  • Address balance and coordination skills
  • Incorporate breathing

Use a Magnetic Marble Run for Visual Processing Skills

Move magnetic marble run pieces to target specific visual motor skills:

  • Work on visual tracking to watch the marble run through the track.
  • Address visual scanning skills to shift vision to the next area the marble will move
  • Incorporate eye-hand coordination skills
  • Address visual perceptual skills such as figure-ground, visual closure, visual discrimination, etc.
  • Address visual motor skills by copying designs using the movable track pieces, included with the Tumble Trax Magnetic Marble Run set. (affiliate link)

Use a Marble Run for Fine Motor Skills

  • Address crossing midline to move a marble to a starting point across the midline.
  • Trace the track with fingers.
  • Pick up and manipulate the marble onto the Tumble Trax (affiliate link) ledge.
  • Strengthen hands, including grip and pinch to manipulate and move the track pieces against the magnetic surface.

Attach it to a magnetic wall or board, garage door, and even the refrigerator. It’s a fun way to play and work on the skills kids need.

Magnetic marble run

Learning Resources Tumble Trax Magnetic Marble Run

This marble run attaches to the refrigerator or any magnetic surface for endless visual motor integration exercises. Visually tracking the marble is a skill builder for reading and writing tasks.  Kids can address the form copying skills needed for handwriting with this interactive toy.

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More Marble Run Activities

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