Letter Matching Glitter Manipulatives for Learning

These DIY letter manipulatives were very easy to make.  The kids and I have been playing with these letters for a few weeks now.  We love playing with learning elements and we’ve done a lot of letter identification activities.  This one was fun to make and for playing!

DIY letter match manipulatives with glass gems.  These are great for letter identification, matching, memory games, pre-reading.

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This letter learning activity was a lot like our DIY color glass gems.  They are so much fun for sorting, patterning, play on the DIY light box.  We used a similar manner to make these glitter letters. These large glass gems are great for play and learning.  We’ve written letters and shapes on them, and painted them, created art with them.

If you have’t made your own DIY decoupage, this is one thing you need to try.  We use this stuff all the time.

We used glitter that we received from http://www.craftprojectideas.com.  

Paint the flat side of the glass gems with decoupage.  Cover with glitter.

Shake off the excess glitter.  Coat with another layer of decoupage.

Stick on letter stickers and cover with another thin coat of decoupage.
Let those beauties dry.

When the letters were dry, we played letter memory, sounded out the sounds of the letters, and matched the letters.  This is a great way to play and learn letter identification, letter sounds, pre-reading, visual scanning skills, and more.

We haven’t tried putting the letter manipulatives on the light table yet, but I think they will look great!

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