Top Ten Posts of 2014

Wow, what a year 2014 has been!  It’s been a blur of a year with a new baby, three kids in three different schools, play dates, volunteer positions, activities, and lots of fun and play around here.  It’s so hard to believe that this year has gone by at lightning speed.  When you are a mom, the days go by so slowly, but the weeks and months (and years) FLY!  Every seasoned mom can tell you that…and it’s still a surprise when the year wraps up and we head into a new year.  

It was SO much fun to look back at this year’s most popular posts.  It’s fun to see what you’ve been here to see.  We’ve certainly had a blast with learning activities this year.  Here are our ten most popular posts.
Best activities and crafts for kids on Sugar Aunts

# 10 Sight Word Ping Pong Game

#9 Winter Science Experiments for Kids

#8 Press Here book Sensory Activity

# 7 Visual Scanning Activities

#6 Scissor Skill Activities

#5 Finger Dexterity Exercise

 #4 Harold and the Purple book Purple Crayon Play Dough

#3 Sight Word Crayon Rubbing

#2 Random Acts of Kindness for Kids and Families

And our most popular post of 2014: 

#1 How to Make Crayon Play Dough

Stay tuned for lots of fun and exciting activities to come in 2015!


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