Process Art Monster Cupcake Liner Craft

Process focused play is a great way to create and explore.  What is process art?  It’s creative and open-ended art that focuses on the child’s thought processes.  

We made these super cute monsters with a pile of crafting supplies and no clear end in mind.  We went with the flow of creativity all while working on fine motor skills, language, creativity, and more.

Process Art Craft for Kids

Cupcake liner monster craft made with process art.

We received many of the craft materials used in this craft from
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Start with Wilton mini cupcake liners in primary colors.

Glue them flat onto a piece of  black construction paper.  Add googly eyes.  Monsters need lots of googly eyes.

Pile up a bunch of craft items.  Pom poms, feathers, colored paper, glitter, string, pipe cleaners…This looks like fun, right??!

It was fun to watch the kids as they created.  Each made their monsters in their own way, and it suited their personalities.  We let the creativity flow!

Little Guy needed a lot of spikes for his monsters.  We told a few jokes.  
Who is the messiest monster?


These monsters took a ride on their feather taxi. 

Create, imagine, explore.  We did that!  What a fun way to practice fine motor skills, textures, and materials.  If you make process art monsters, share them with us! We’d love to see them!

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