Rainbow Binoculars

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This was a fun craft we made for a MOMs Club playdate.  A fellow mom offered up her stash of toilet paper tubes and this is what I came up with.
We got busy…

searching for Rainbows with our Rainbow Binoculars!

(Or, as little guy said, he had to go look for Tick Tock crock.)
This is what it started out as. 
Big Sister helped me make a set of Rainbow Binoculars for our friends to copy at the playdate.
 Use two toilet paper tubes, glue strips of colored paper around, and tape together.  Attach with yarn for handy access during Rainbow Expeditions.
Cousins during our weekend-cousin-sleep-over had fun searching for rainbows, too.

Tick Tock Crock has been spotted and sent to the hot, hot lava*
*We have slightly big fans of Jake and the Neverland Pirates in this house…LOL!

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