Share It Saturday #8 and Our Week in Review

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Happy Weekend!
We love to start our weekend off right by highlighting all of these amazing bloggers who are linking up each week with us at Share It Saturday.  It is fun to look through the listing of links and pick out new and creative ideas to do with our own kids.  We love to see each and everyone of your ideas. 
This week, we had a little trouble picking just four of our favorites.
So, we didn’t pick just four. We went all out and picked EIGHT awesome ideas that can blast the cabin fever from your home.  We picked a bunch of fun ideas that can be done during these cold, icy, wintery days (That Groundhog DID say spring would be right around the corner, didn’t he???)
But, while winter continues outside, we are enjoying fun, sensory, messy and creative indoor play.  And our featured posts for this week will give you some great ideas!  Stop by and check them out.  You will want to see what these ladies are up to!
But First, We wanted to share a bit about our week with you…
We took one nice (40 degree) day and braved the cold while walking through the zoo to the aquarium.  We spent a few hours in there and Baby Girl LOVED seeing all of the fish.  She ran around from tank to tank yelling and pointing πŸ™‚

Of course, you must find the Nemo fish when you go to the aquarium…
When we left, it was warm enough to stop and check out a few animals for a bit.  Little Guy was pretty fascinated by the breath that you could see coming out of the Polar Bear’s mouth.  He’s still talking about that!
Another day this week, we had a cousin play date and had a little snowflake party.  Keep your eyes peeled for the upcoming blog post and lots of fun details like snow flake crafts, food, and activities πŸ˜‰
The snowflake party kids took a little break so the cousins could play Super Heroes with dish towels.
SO Cute!!
 Tuck a dish towel into the kid’s shirt collars and you get an instant Super Hero!
So, let’s get on to the fun stuff…
It’s Share It Saturday Time!
We had even more links posted up this week than ever before…
We chose 8 awesomely fun indoor play ideas!
Creatively Content made these amazing works of Mixed Media Art.  These pieces are really fun!
Raise A Boy Shows us her Favorite toys for boys aged 2-4.  I know my Little Guy would go crazy for these toys.
Mama to 3 Blessings had fun with a Shaving Cream sensory activity that turned into works of art.
Fantastic Fun Learning used a creative way to paint.  This looks like a great fine motor activity too!
Over The Big Moon shows us how to play this fun Family Night game.  This looks hilarious!!
Apple Of Mama’s Eye made homemade finger paints. What a great indoor play activity.
Frogs & Snails & Puppy dog Tails shows us a super fun Pirate Indoor Treasure Hunt idea! How fun!



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  1. We are definitely going again soon. We all had so much fun! Thank you for linking up with us. We will be trying your painting technique for sure πŸ™‚

  2. Thank you for stopping by! We had lots of fun and are going to try to go again soon. It was fun to go to the zoo in the winter. The kids are still talking about it!

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