Superhero writing

This superhero writing activity is a free therapy slide deck that can be used in telehealth sessions or face to face occupational therapy interventions. Get ready for superhero handwriting fun, because those pencils are about to be superheroes! Your kiddos will love these superhero writing prompts, superhero drawing prompts that make handwriting practice fun!

This is another one of the many free therapy slides available here on the site.

Superhero writing slide deck

Superhero Writing

The cool thing about this free therapy slide deck is that it includes a superhero craft to get those hands warmed up for writing practice. Kids can make the pencil superhero craft and then use their pencil superhero to write with for the writing portion of this therapy activity.

The slide deck includes superhero words that children can copy. I’ve included many different words that are scattered all over the slide. When users visually scan for the superhero images, they are working on a few different visual perceptual skills:

  • Visual memory
  • Visual attention
  • Visual scanning
  • Visual discrimination

All of these skills are used when copying words or math problems from a distance like when students copy math problems or a homework list from a smart board in the classroom. They need to visually shift from near to far and find their place in order to copy the information without missing letters or other information.

Superhero Writing Prompts

Also included in this slide deck are several superhero writing prompts. Users can use the slides as a starting point for handwriting tasks that are longer in nature. Then, work on areas such as spatial awareness between letters and words, line use, margin use, letter formation, and overall writing legibility. You can help children to check over their written work using this handwriting self-assessment list to build carryover of writing skills.

Superhero writing activities

Draw a Superhero

Finally, in the superhero writing slide activities are several slides that invite kids to draw a superhero. The superhero drawing prompts include various pencil line forms that are easy and more complex to meet a variety of needs.

When drawing and copying from a form, kids work on visual motor skills that are needed for letter formation, eye-hand coordination, spatial awareness, and pencil control. Plus drawing a superhero is fun!

Add these other superhero activities for more skill-building:

Superhero writing activity for therapy

Free Superhero Writing Activity

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Free Superhero Handwriting Slide Deck!

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    Superhero writing slide deck

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