Toy Theme Play Dough Mat for Boosting Hand Strength in a Fun Way

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A toy play dough mat may be just the incentive kids need to build hand strength! Kids can improve hand strength in fun ways when play dough is added to the mix! If you’ve been watching The OT Toolbox recently, then you’ve probably seen our recent posts on playdough mats. We’ve been sharing a variety of free play dough mats based on several different themes. These are free printable playdough mats that kids can use to increase hand strength, specially strength of the intrinsic muscles of the hands.

Use this free printable toy theme play dough mat to boost fine motor skills and hand strength that kids need for fine motor tasks, perfect for those kids that love play dough activities!

Toy Theme PlayDough Mat

Kids love toys, right? I haven’t met a child who isn’t captivated by a new toy. This toy theme play dough mat builds on the fundamental “job” that kids have…play!

You can print off this printable play dough mat that focuses on toys and an toy theme and use it to work on fine motor skills and the intrinsic muscle strengthening that kids need to complete many functional tasks…and even play!

Use the Toy Themed Play Dough Mat to Increase Fine Motor Skills

Enter your email in the form below and access your free printable play dough mat. Then, pull out the play dough! 
Show your child how to use the finger tips and thumb of one hand to roll a small ball of play dough. By using just one hand, they can develop and define the arches of the hand, while strengthening the other muscles of the intrinsic muscle groups at the same time. 
Then, ask the child to place and press the play dough on the circles on the toy play dough mat. They may need to pull off a bit of dough to make the play dough ball fit into the circles. This is a great activity for boosting visual perceptual skills too!
Looking for more ways to use play dough to increase fine motor skills? Add these play dough activities to your therapy toolbox!

Kids will love this free playdough mat with a toy theme while building the hand strength and fine motor skills.