Valentine’s Day Easy Sensory Bin

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Sometimes simple play ideas are the best.  A simple bin of corn (or dried beans/peas/lentils/sand/flour/rocks…) and a few spoons, scoops, and bowls are all a kid needs for imaginative sensory play, creative language development, fine motor skill work, and learning through play! These are the kind of Valentine’s Day activities that can be added to OT plans.
We made this Easy Valentine’s Day Sensory Bin with just a few items and had a day of fun.

Easy Valentine's Day sensory bin idea for scooping and pouring.  Sometimes simple play is the best!


Simple Sensory Bin for Scooping and Pouring:

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Corn sensory bin for scooping and pouring fine motor play
We have a big old bin of field corn always ready to go for sensory play fun.  I threw a bunch of  red measuring spoons and some red/white cups.
heart sensory bin. This is fun for Valentine's Day!

Add a few felt hearts for fun.

Scooping, pouring, and dumping the corn is such a fun way for preschoolers to play.  Even the big kids got in on the fun.  They love to pretend to serve up lunch in the little bowls, mix, and pour concoctions in their corn kitchen.



Valentine’s Day Easy Sensory Bin Fine Motor Play

Pouring and scooping is a great fine motor activity for kids.

Pouring and scooping items into bowls with spoons works on eye-hand coordination, transferring, motor control to manage the spoons, and hand dominance as they scoop with the dominant hand and assist with the non-dominant hand.  Encourage your child to use their dominant hand and to scoop from left to right as they transfer corn.  This encourages left to right progression in reading and writing.  Using two hands together in a coordinated manner is bilateral hand coordination and essential for so many functional tasks (tying shoes, buttoning, cutting with scissors).

Looking for more EASY sensory bins?
  We’ve started a series covering easy sensory bins from A-Z (and are working our way through that series very slowly!)  Here are some more easy sensory bin ideas:

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