Valentine’s Day Play Dough

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Here is a fun Valentine’s Day play dough activity that gets the hands moving and developing fine motor skills. Have you ever had a candy tray, chocolate gift box, cupcake holder, or other container and wondered if you can use it in play? Incorporating Valentine’s Day activities into occupational therapy sessions is fun with interactive play ideas like this one. We used a chocolate gift box as a Valentine’s day play dough activity with a fine motor component.

Valentine's Day Playdough activity to help kids strengthen fine motor skills.

Valentine’s day activities for kids can be a fun way to work on skills like fine motor strength or eye-hand coordination. Take this heart maze or instance. This is an easy prep activity that can be upgraded or downgraded for each child’s needs and levels while working on visual perceptual skills and eye-hand coordination with a heart theme.

Valentines Day Play Dough

Use a recycled chocolate tray for a Valentine's Day play dough activity.

Creating this play dough activity is easy. Make a set of colored play dough. Our crayon play dough recipe will get you set up with literally any color in the crayon box.

Valentine’s Day Fine Motor Activity

Playing with play dough and rolling small balls of play dough is a great way to build fine motor strength, especially intrinsic hand strength.

The sky is the limit when it comes to this open-ended play activity. Encourage imagination and play in a fun, Valentine’s Day theme!

Kids can press the dough into the trays to strengthen the hands, work on finger isolation, separation of the sides of the hand, and more.

Valentines Day play dough activities are a fun fine motor activity using play dough.

Invite your kiddos to use their imagination. Can they make teeny tiny sprinkles from the play dough? Hellloo, precision and fine motor work!

Valentines day play dough mat for fine motor skills and handwriting
Use the Valentine’s Day Play Dough Mat to help kids develop fine motor skills by rolling balls of play dough.

Kids can then roll the balls of play dough using just their fingertips to build intrinsic strength, eye-hand coordination, separation of the sides of the hand, and arch development. There are so many fine motor skills being refined and developed by using small balls of play dough and a play dough mat like the one found in our new Valentine’s Day Fine Motor Kit.

Use the play dough to make play dough chocolates, candies, chocolate bars, or other treats from play dough.

Use chocolate candy containers and play dough to work on fine motor skills and hand strength with a Valentine's Day theme activity.
This valentine's day activity for kids is a powerful fine motor play dough idea that works on skills like hand strength.

They look good enough to eat, right??? Use the dough to roll balls of “chocolates” using just the fingertips. It’s a great way to work on separation of the sides of the hands, intrinsic strength, and arch development.

Use a Valentine's day chocolate box in play dough activities for a Valentine's day theme activity.

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More fine motor activities for building skills

Want to add more Valentine’s Day activities and movement tools to your skill-building?

The Valentine’s Day Fine Motor Kit is here! This printable kit is 25 pages of hands-on activity sheets designed to build skills in pinch and grasp strength, endurance, eye-hand coordination, precision, dexterity, pencil control, handwriting, scissor skills, coloring, and more.

When you grab the Valentine’s Day Fine Motor Kit now, you’ll get a free BONUS activity: 1-10 clip cards so you can challenge hand strength and endurance with a counting eye-hand coordination activity.

Valentines Day fine motor kit

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