Childhood Development

One of my favorite courses in undergrad was Childhood Development.  It lead to a love of other great topics like Abnormal Development, Behavioral Development, and even Kinesiology and Anatomy and Physiology.  I just love learning (and now sharing!) about how kids typically grow and develop over time.  Of course, every child is different, but there are typical developmental stages that every child goes through in some manner.  This page is a place to find resources for everything from development of handwriting, to when a child should be able to dress themselves.  

You’ll find activities and crafts to meet every age, and typical timelines of what should happen when in a child’s growth.  This is an ongoing resource, so be sure to pin it, bookmark it, or save it on your desktop and stop back often to see what else has been added!

Fine motor development in kids activities

Development of Fine Motor Skills in Kids

Scooping, pouring, transferring beads and developing fine motor skills and hand dominance in Toddlers, Preschoolers, and school-aged kids. Plus learning ideas to use in scooping activities.  From an Occupational Therapist.  Child Development of grasp using building blocks Development of scissor skills Development of precision of grasp and release
Developmental stages of childhood- progression of fine motor skills in kids

Development of Functional Skills in Kids

 Child's development of playPrerequisites that are necessary for kids (or adults!) to effectively and efficiently use tools in fine motor and self-care tasks, like scissor use, handwriting, hair brushing, self-feeding, tooth brushing, and more.  From an Occupational Therapist. Ages of typical development for children in getting dressed. Developmental milestones for independence.

Development of Visual Perception in Kids

 Visual Motor Integration developmental milestones hand eye coordination

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Development and activities to work on progression of fine motor skills in kids
Developmental stages of childhood- progression of fine motor skills in kids