Christmas Tree Gift Tags

We’ve made our own Christmas tree gift tags last year.  This version was just as much fun to make and we can’t wait to wrap a few presents with our DIY Gift tags!  This Christmas tree art was great for preschoolers and toddler.  All it took was a little stamping and cotton swab painting.  If you’re not into making gift tags, this Christmas tree craft needs just a little stamping as a nice piece of holiday art to decorate with this Christmas!

Christmas Tree Gift Tag Craft

Christmas Tree gift tags are a fun Christmas craft for kids!
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Make Christmas tree gift tags with the kids at Christmas school parties.

Christmas Tree Gift Tags

We started with a recycled paper tube that was bent into a triangle shape.  This was dipped into green paint and ready for stamping all over the paper.  Little Guy liked this part best, and made a ton of little trees on his paper.

Christmas gift tags that kids can make as a holiday art project
A brown marker to draw little tree stumps on each triangle and it started to look more like Christmas trees.  We used our Spill Proof Paint Cups and some cotton swabs to decorate our Christmas Trees. 
Now this was Baby Girl’s favorite part of the painting!  She reeeally got into dotting little decorations on her Christmas trees.  Painting with the cotton swabs is such a good way to work o n tripod grasp for new pencil users and pre-handwriters.  They were able to dab a little red paint in the spill proof cup and dot it onto the paper with a tripod grasp on the cotton swab.
A Christmas tree craft kids will enjoy this holiday season.
Once the trees and the decorations were dry (and this took a while after Baby Girl painted…!) We snipped our papers into little gift tags and hole punched a place to tie a pretty ribbon.

Christmas Handwriting Activities

Writing out that Christmas wish list is a difficult task that brings out tears instead of holiday excitement.  I’ve got a solution for your kiddo with handwriting difficulties: a packet of modified paper for all of the Christmas handwriting tasks that come up each year.  Use this handwriting pack to help kids who struggle with handwriting to participate in holiday traditions while even working on and developing their handwriting skills!

Working on handwriting with kids this Christmas season? Grab your copy of the Christmas Modified Handwriting Packet. It’s got three types of adapted paper that kids can use to write letters to Santa, Thank You notes, holiday bucket lists and much more…all while working on handwriting skills in a motivating and fun way! Read more about the adapted Christmas Paper here