Christmas Modified Paper Handwriting Pack

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This mega packet includes all of the modified paper you will need to work on handwriting. Included in the 35-page packet are Bold-Lined pages, Highlighted-Lined Paper, and Color-Coded Paper.

Each modified paper format is available in both single rule and double rule for letter sizing needs. The pages in this packet include various themes, including Santa Clause, winter, snowflakes, holiday lights, and gift lists. You’ll find instructions for use for each page type and a Christmas holiday writing prompt list.

Children can use the Letter to Santa pages to create gift wish lists. Other pages can be used to create thank-you notes after the holidays.

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Kids can work on handwriting with a holiday theme using specialty paper. Included in the set are:

  • Color-coded paper
  • Bold lined paper
  • Highlighted lined paper

All sets are available in single rule and double rule paper sizing.

Consider the ways that kids can write and practice handwriting this season:

  • Letter to Santa (Use the “Dear Santa” prompt page and additional sheets for longer letters to the Big Guy in Red.)
  • Christmas Wish List
  • Holiday To-Do List
  • Shopping List
  • Recipe Sharing
  • Thank You Notes
  • And more (There are a bunch of ideas on the printable writing prompt sheet!)
  • THREE types of modified paper: Bold lined paper, Color-coded paper (with Christmasy colors), and Highlighted Paper
  • FIVE different Christmas and Winter themed borders.
  • TWO different sized lined of each type of paper: Narrow Rule for older kids and Wide Rule for younger kids.
  • That’s 30 different sheets of modified paper all with a Christmas theme.
  • There is a detailed explanation of reasoning behind each type of paper.  This will help explain how to use each modified paper and the reasons why each type might be the style of adapted paper to use for particular handwriting concerns.
  • PRINTABLE Christmas writing prompt sheet.  Use this to inspire handwriting practice all season long in fun and meaningful ways…on fun Christmas-themed paper, of course!


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