Cute Frog Crafts for Kids

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Share It Saturday this week brings you Super Cute Frog crafts!  We love to make crafts with our kids.  They love to cut, paste, and create crafts of all kinds, but animal crafts are a sure hit in our houses.  These frog crafts will keep you hopping!

Super cute frog crafts for kids

Frog Crafts for Kids

My Bright Firefly made a frog handprint craft.
Make a hopping frog craft using a paper plate like Christianity Cove.
I love this frog on a lily pad from The Craft Train.
My Little Guy loves tree frogs, so this frog craft from No time For Flashcards is perfect!
This shredded paper frog craft from Love and Marriage blog is super cute.
If easy shapes crafts are your thing, this circle frog craft from Artsy Momma is for you.
The Craft train made this adorable paper plate frog. I can’t get enough of it!