Cute Frog Crafts for Kids

These cute frog crafts are fun ways to use a frog theme to build skills. From paper plat frogs, to cut and paste frog crafts, these are great occupational therapy crafts to use in fine motor skill work, scissor skills activities, and a frog and toad theme. These frog crafts will keep you hopping!

Use these frog crafts to develop fine motor skills, scissor skills, precision, and refined grasp. Includes paper plate frogs and more.

Frog Crafts

Frog crafts like the ones shown here are fun ways to build motor skills within a frog theme. Learning about the frog life cycle is a common theme in preschool or early elementary lessons. Use the frog crafts here as a developmental tool.

I love using crafts like the ones listed below in planning in person or OT teletherapy services. Other crafts can be sent home as an OT home program idea. Children can create while working on skills like fine motor dexterity and strength, line awarenessscissor skills, language, self-confidence, problem solving, tool use, and more.

These frog crafts can be added to a frog theme, with resources like:

Frog Crafts for Kids

As a pediatric occupational therapist, I love using crafts of any kind in therapy sessions because they offer a fun and engaging way to target important underlying skill areas. A fun frog craft is no different!

When children create the frog crafts we share below, they get to practice their fine motor skills by cutting, coloring, and assembling materials, all while strengthening hand muscles and improving coordination.

I especially enjoy seeing their faces light up when we hang the crafts we’ve created up on the therapy door or a bulletin board in the school hallway. This task of hanging the craft up is another way to incorporate functional movement to bend and reach, targeting balance and core strength. They can then use a stapler, tape, or sticky tack to hang their creation. But the real benefit is seeing their creation hanging on the wall for all to see.

We wanted to pull together some great frog crafts that support various skills. Following the step-by-step instructions for the craft also helps enhance their sequencing skills and attention to task, which are crucial for success in school and daily activities.

Plus, crafting allows children to express themselves creatively and provides a sensory-rich experience that supports emotional regulation and well-being. Seeing the joy and pride in their eyes as they complete their frog crafts is truly rewarding and reminds me why I love what I do as an occupational therapist.

Handprint frog Craft

Work on tactile sensory tolerance with this frog handprint craft. This is a great functional craft for kids because you can include a hand-washing activity after making the handprint art.

Washing off the green paint is an excellent visual in ensuring kids are thoroughly washing their hands.

Paper Plate Frog Craft

Work on scissor skills, bilateral coordination, hand strength, sequencing, and motor planning with this frog paper plate craft. Folding and cutting paper plates are great for building hand strength and working on finger isolation.

This craft includes different grades of cutting tasks and can be a great incentive for cutting simple to complex shapes.

Cutting paper plates is a strengthening activity that provides more resistance and can slow down the scissors, allowing for more accuracy along cutting lines. Use this paper plate frog craft to build these skills.

Frog and Lily Pad Craft

For more complex scissor skill crafts, try this frog on a lily pad craft. It can be a challenge for some kids, but cutting the frogs and lily pad shapes can be a just right level for others that are building scissor skills with complex lines.

Paper Frog Craft

For a fine motor workout, make this shredded paper frog craft. Kids can pick up and manipulate the shredded paper pieces while working on precision, tip to tip grasp, open-thumb web space, and more refined precision skills.

This easy shapes frog craft is great for preschoolers or those cutting simple shapes. Use this craft for beginners and to address scissor skills cutting along circles and simple shapes. (Then work up to the more difficult frog crafts.)

Toilet Paper Roll Frog

Try this toilet roll frog to work on refined grasp, precision, scissor skills, and more motor skill development.

You could also use paper towel rolls to make this paper roll frog.

Use these cute frog crafts to develop fine motor skills, scissor skills, precision, and refined grasp. Includes paper plate frogs and more.

More Frog Activities

Add the Frogs and Toads Motor Skills Mini-Pack to this activity and build stronger, more refined motor skills in children.

frog and toad activities motor skills packet

These printable activities extend to work on a variety of other functional areas, too: handwriting skills, numbers, math, adding, subtracting, one-to-one correspondence, scissor skills, coloring, and more.

The Frogs and Toads Motor Skills mini pack includes:

  • Fine Motor Mazes
  • Fine motor paths
  • A-Z frog letters for word building
  • “Froggy Says” gross motor game
  • 1-20 Number Building Mats
  • Play Dough Mat
  • Handwriting Pages
  • I Spy page
  • Gross motor directionality sheets

Done for you motor skills activities and FUN frog and toad themes combine in the Frogs and Toads Motor Skills Mini-Pack. Work on grasp, hand strength, eye-hand coordination, handwriting, scissor skills, heavy work, gross motor skills, coordination, and all things fine and gross motor skills in this 43 page printable packet.

Colleen Beck, OTR/L has been an occupational therapist since 2000, working in school-based, hand therapy, outpatient peds, EI, and SNF. Colleen created The OT Toolbox to inspire therapists, teachers, and parents with easy and fun tools to help children thrive. Read her story about going from an OT making $3/hour (after paying for kids’ childcare) to a full-time OT resource creator for millions of readers. Want to collaborate? Send an email to

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