Frog Writing Activities

Today we’re talking all about frog writing! These frog writing activities are part of a free slide deck to outline therapy sessions and to use to foster visual perceptual skills and handwriting skills. Add these frog writing activities to this list of cute frog crafts which are designed to develop and refine fine motor skills in kids.

You’ll also love our frog emotions activity as another tool to add to your frog theme of activities!

The frog writing prompts included in this therapy slide deck are perfect to add to your frog theme or use in a weekly occupational therapy theme (or at-home theme for learning, play, and building developmental skills!)

Frog writing activities including frog writing prompts and a frog I spy activity to work on writing skills in kids, with a frogs and toads theme!

Frog Writing

The kids that I’ve worked with in OT sessions love this frog writing activity…and they don’t realize all of the work they are putting into the task because it’s a fun way to target OT goals.

In my experience as an occupational therapist working in schools, incorporating fun themes into handwriting sessions has been incredibly effective for improving skills that impact learning. A frog theme set of activities is one way to do that!

The frog writing activity supports fine motor skills, visual motor skills, pencil control and overall handwriting skills. Utilizing frog writing prompts and activities not only adds an element of fun for the children but also provides valuable opportunities to address fine motor and visual motor considerations essential for handwriting.

Sometimes, having a set of themed activities set-up for therapy sessions is a “must” to keep therapists sane. It’s not about using the same activities with each student; Using a theme in therapy activities allows the therapist to use the same materials. And having the skilled ability to adjust for each individual is just part of an OT’s skillset. To make your life much easier as a busy therapist, head over to this free slides library and grab all of the therapy themes that fit your interests and those on your caseload.

That’s where these frog writing activities come into play.

The free slide deck includes several frog writing activities for users to build specific skills, depending on their needs and goal areas.

You’ll find frog I Spy game and several frog writing slides to work on handwriting skills.

More Frog Writing Ideas

There are more ways to work on fine motor and visual motor skills with this frog writing activity.

  • Copy the words to work on letter formation and copying skills
  • Use other frog activities as a warm up
  • Try tracing frog outlines for pencil control
  • Hop and leap along frog-themed letter paths
  • Do frog-themed mazes to target pencil control
  • Play Froggy Says, like a Simon Says activity for gross motor skills needed for writing posture.
  • Use tweezers in fine motor activities that mimic the movements involved in catching or feeding frogs, such as using tweezers to pick up frog-themed manipulatives. This further strengthens fine motor skills essential for precise handwriting.
  • Fold paper into origami frogs

Frog I Spy

The first activity is a warm-up of sorts. You’ll find a frog I Spy game where users can locate, count, and find individual frog and toad images. This is a great visual perceptual skills activity to build and develop skills in areas such as:

  • Visual discrimination (needed for identifying differences between letters)
  • Visual scanning (needed for scanning a writing piece for where you’ve left off in copying materials)
  • Form constancy (knowing that a form or letter is the same no matter the positioning. This skill is needed for recognizing letters in different fonts and sizes)

When kids find the individual frogs and toad images they can type the number into the interactive slide deck.

This frog I spy game is available as a printable worksheet in our Frogs and Toads Motor Skills Mini-Pack. Find the items, then write the numbers in the boxes. Kids can also color or circle the items to build pencil control and fine motor skills. The packet is 43 pages of fine and gross motor skill activities with a frogs and toads theme. Not bad for the cost of a cup of coffee!

Frog Writing Prompts

Next in the frog writing activities are a few writing prompts. I’ve included both frog word writing prompts and also sentences as an open-ended writing prompt to foster creative writing.

The frog words include things like froglet, pond, lily pad, and words that are easily read and recognized by younger children.

Pair this activity with frog lifecycle activities for handwriting practice of letter formation, letter size, legibility, and even cursive handwriting for the older elementary ages.

The next piece is a frog writing prompt slide. This slide includes three writing prompts that users can use for longer writing samples.

All of these writing prompts are open-ended so that you can easily adjust the therapy sessions or home programing to meet the needs of the child or individual.

Free Frog Writing Slide Deck

Want to add this free slide deck to your therapy toolbox and work on handwriting and visual perceptual skills in written work? Grab this resource and outline writing activities so the kids you serve can work on areas like letter formation, copying skills, and more. You’ll need to enter your email address into the form below and the file will be delivered to your inbox. (School email addresses/work email addresses may block this email as it contains a link to access a file. A personal email address may work better for deliverability.)

Free Frog Writing Activities Slide Deck

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