Free Halloween Visual Scanning Worksheet

Today I have a free Halloween visual scanning worksheet. This one is a find and color activity that develops visual processing skills. Just print off this visual scanning worksheet to include in your Halloween occupational therapy activities. If you’re looking for a low-prep Halloween printable that builds skills, this freebie is the way to go!

Halloween find and color worksheets are a great Halloween visual scanning worksheet activity for visual perception and fine motor skills.

Kids love this Halloween visual perceptual worksheet…and you’ll also want to grab our Halloween monsters I Spy printable.

Halloween Visual Scanning Worksheet

Therapists will love this Halloween visual scanning worksheet for the visual perceptual skills and visual scanning skills that it develops. Just print off this worksheet and grab some crayons to work on visual scanning skills with kids.

The free Halloween worksheet set comes in two sizes. One is a very small set of coloring images. This can be used with colored pencils to work on pencil control and precision of the small muscles of the hands. For kids that are working on small motor movements of the fingers, this is a great page to use.

You’ll also see a larger set of Halloween images in the PDF. These larger images can be used with crayons or markers to color within the lines while working on hand strength using crayons or accuracy of line awareness when using markers.

This not-so-spooky activity goes well with our Halloween I Spy activity and all of the Halloween Occupational Therapy activities.

To better understand what is visual scanning, you can read more here on the website.

Visual scanning is a visual processing skill needed for so many functional tasks! Check out this resource on visual motor skills to read more.

For more visual scanning fun, try this DIY visual scanning worksheet activity.

Find and Color Activities

When kids complete find and color activities like in this printable Halloween coloring page, they are developing many areas needed for functional tasks:

Plus, when asking children to color in a small area like the mini pumpkins, ghosts, spiders, and bats on this Halloween worksheet, they are working on pencil control, eye-hand coordination, and fine motor skills.

Related, you’ll love these spider activities for building skills in therapy during the Halloween season.

More ways to use this Halloween Visual Scanning Worksheet

I love to offer creative materials that can be used in a variety of ways to develop many skills. Try using the Halloween find and color worksheet in these ways:

Fine Motor Play

Cover the items on the coloring page with a small object like a coin, beads, or craft pom poms. This encourages fine motor control, eye-hand coordination, motor planning, in-hand manipulation, and more.

We also love using Halloween fine motor exercises shown in the video below. Use the ghost, pumpkin, witch, and other Halloween themed dexterity exercises as a warm up to pencil and paper tasks. You can also view the video on YouTube.

These Halloween dexterity exercises build fine motor skills, finger isolation, and motor planning.

Work on eye-hand coordination

Use a BINGO dabber to add a dot of paint on each of the objects as the child finds them.

Handwriting Activity

Work on visual perceptual skills and handwriting- Ask the child to count the number of other Halloween objects on the page and write out each word and number to work on handwriting skills.

How would you use this Halloween visual scanning worksheet in your therapy toolbox?

Print off this free Halloween worksheet and use it in your therapy practice or classroom during the weeks leading up to Halloween. Or, print off a bunch and use it as a fine motor and visual perceptual activity during Halloween parties this year. However you use this free worksheet, it’s sure to be a hit!

More Halloween Ideas

Add this Halloween find and color pages to these ideas:

Halloween visual perceptual worksheets

This Halloween visual perceptual worksheet is a great addition to your therapy toolbox this time of year.

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Halloween Visual Scanning Worksheets

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    • Pumpkin “I Spy” sheet – color in the outline shapes to build pencil control and fine motor strength
    • Pumpkin Lacing cards – print, color, and hole punch to build bilateral coordination skills
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    Work on underlying fine motor and visual motor integration skills so you can help students excel in handwriting, learning, and motor skill development.

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    Halloween find and color worksheets

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