Fun Frugal Family Friendly Halloween Party Ideas

Fall is in the air and that means Halloween is coming!  Halloween parties happen in preschool, playdates, the library, and even farms.  What better way to bring the whole family together than with a kid-friendly Halloween party? We’ve got tips and ideas for a frugal and fun Halloween party that you can use to play a school or play date party.  

Fun and Frugal Kid-Friendly Halloween Party Ideas:

We’re excited to shop the Dollar Tree Anniversary Celebration and plan our fun and frugal kid-friendly Halloween parties.  We put together a family-friendly ghost game and spider craft using feature products from the celebration that would be a hit at any Halloween party.  

Ghost Catch Game for Kid-Friendly Halloween Party:

Tissue ghost craft for game or decoration this Halloween

Grab a 200-ct. Boxes of Scotties® Facial Tissues, one of the Bonus Buys during Dollar Tree’s Anniversary Celebration.  Pull out a handful of tissues and roll them up into a baseball size ball.  Gather a tissue around the ball and secure with a small rubber band.  Attach another facial tissue to the rubber band to make the ghost’s body.  Use a black marker to draw on a face.  This would be a fun game for preschool or play date parties.  Catch the Ghost, or play Ghost toss (Toss the ghost into a Multi-purpose Baskets or a 5-ct. Packs of Oval Bins–you can get one at the Dollar Tree Anniversary Celebration sale)!!

Spider Craft for Preschool Halloween Party or Play Date:

How to dye pasta for a spider craft. Use dyed noodles for a Halloween spider craft.

We used a handful of noodles from a 24-oz. Bag of Pagasa® Noodles to make these cute spiders.  Toss the elbow pasta in a Hefty® Gallon-Size Zipper Bag with black food coloring and a little squirt of hand sanitizer.  Spread the noodles out on newspaper to dry.  Glue the dyed pasta to a paper around a black circle cut from construction paper.  What a cute craft to send home with the kids!  Keep in mind that once the pasta is used for a craft, it shouldn’t be eaten!

Halloween Pasta Spider Craft

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