Ice Cream Writing Activities

Today I have a fun ice cream writing activity that gets kids excited about writing ice cream words and everything fun and motivating about ice cream. If your kids are anything like mine they love ice cream and the toppings ice cream cones sprinkles and the jingle of the ice cream truck.

Ice Cream Writing Activity for kids

Ice Cream Writing

In this ice cream writing activity kids can work on the skills they need for legible handwriting including letter formation sizing spacing and copying skills and the fine motor skills needed for a functional pencil grasp.

All of this happens in an interactive in a free Google slide that you can use in teletherapy face-to-face therapy home programs or in the classroom for with an ice cream theme.

This ice cream writing activity begins with a several ice cream themed words including:

  • ice cream truck
  • chocolate syrup
  • ice cream scoop
  • cone
  • sprinkles
  • spoon
  • bowl

Ice Cream Writing Skills

Kids can copy the words from the slide deck and work on letter formation, sizing, spacing, and legibility.

You could expand the activity to ask kids to write the words in alphabetical order and address some visual perceptual skills such as visual scanning visual memory visual attention and visual discrimination and others.

Then the slides continue with a visual perceptual exercise that takes away one of the items on the previous slide.

This activity is much like one a hands-on “what’s missing” activity where you lay out several minute items on a table and then ask children to remember what they see in front of them and then after a few seconds you take away one of the items and ask them what’s missing.

“What’s Missing” games are such a great way to work on visual attention and visual memory skills. These skills are so needed for copying materials writing reading and recalling letter formation as well as hand writing rules like using spaces between words in pencil grasp rules.

The slides continue with several of these “what’s missing” activities with the ice cream theme where kids can write out the specific ice cream terms that are missing on each slide in further work on handwriting skills.

Write Ice Cream Words in ABC Order

The next ice cream handwriting activity asks kids to write in alphabetical order, several ice cream words scattered on ice cream cones.

Kids can work on copying those in order and work on the visual memory skills and visual perceptual skills needed for putting words into alphabetical order.

Ice Cream Sign Language Activity

The next several slides include several American Sign Language handwriting activities to spell out ice cream words.

There is an American Sign Language key on each slide so that kids can visually scan to copy the hand formations to spell out the words.

They will love using sign language to spell out ice cream words like sprinkles, scoop, ice cream, bowl, and spoon.

The benefits of asking children to use sign language to spell words is that if they do not know the sign language hand formations, that they need to visually attend to on the screen, using visual memory and visual attention skills to copy the formation.

However using sign language also develops working memory to recall and use the same letters in spelling. American sign language activities and spelling also benefits kids to work on fine motor skills such as:

  • finger isolation
  • separation of the sides of the hand
  • open thumb web space
  • arch development
  • dexterity

Ice Cream Writing Prompts

The last activity on this ice cream writing task is a open ended handwriting task which asks students to create sentences using the ice cream words.

You can expand this activity to meet the needs of various levels of children by asking them to copy more sentences or less sentences you can make the sentences very concrete and give them a specific sentence to write that contains the words or you can leave it open ended and ask students to write a silly sentence or a story using the words on the slide.

Use the ice cream writing prompts to meet the needs of your students!

You will also enjoy the other ice cream activities that we have here on the website including:

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