Learning colors

A Little Sponge
Today I had my 16 month old all to myself and we had so much fun playing together.  We played outside, went for a walk, rode in his red car, and tried to play basketball, or “bunga ball” as he calls it.  Now is the time his brain is like a little sponge, absorbing it all.  

We invented a fun game that we named “Find the Binky”(he is a binky addict and any game involving finding the binky he enjoys…hehe).  

I pulled out these big plastic cups and separated them by color.  He would put the binky in a cup and I would say the color.  He would try to repeat the color (or some word that kinda sounded like it).  Most of the time he was wrong and I would correct him.  He thought that was hilarious!  

At this age, he is more adapt to using his fingers and hands, he loves stacking things and knocking them down.

Found it!

Another fun thing to do is scream into the cups…this is a neat way to learn about sound and while holding the cup he feels the vibration. 

I later found him playing this game he made up by himself…he is such a boy.  He made a t-ball stand with the cup and was swinging at the soccer ball with another cup.  What a great imagination he has already.  I love watching him think.

And who doesn’t like to put things in the dog dish???
Along with this he says “yuck”…he knows exactly what he is doing and it is amazing.
I love this age! 
~Posted by Leanne