Rainbow Play: Foam sheets on the window

This foam sheet activity builds fine motor skills while playing on a vertical surface, to create a fine motor rainbow. This foam sheet activity is a fun and engaging rainbow activity for kids.

Foam sheet activity

This activity is one we did on a window, but you could use on a bathroom shower wall or a dry erase board to engage an extended wrist.
It’s also a great activity for core strength, upper body strength, and eye-hand coordination
We have had a fun little activity going on here alllll week. 
We cut foam sheets into strips and gold coins.
But didn’t have a black foam sheet for the pot of gold. 
What could be used…oh, a take out container would work!
This was on the little table and I put it by the door:
Foam strips, foam gold coins, foam black pot, and a little bowl of water.
Everyone had so much fun with this!  They played for a looong time.
And ever since, when a piece falls down, they will go into the bathroom and wet the piece under the sink and put it back up. 


 Baby Girl loved this activity!  It took a whole 15 minutes before she drank the water in the bowl.  I was surprised it took that long. 🙂
We have been doing so many fun Rainbow play activities this week.  Little Guy has a new line when we say the colors of the rainbow:  “Don’t forget the indigo and violet, Mom”.



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  1. I never knew that if you wet the foam paper it would stick to the window. That is AWESOME! And this is such a fun project for St. patty's Day! Thanks for sharing on We Made That!

  2. It's super easy! And, the best part is you can save all of the pieces for the next window project! I just threw these into a gallon sized baggie today and we are probably going to use them to decorate some window eggs in the next couple of weeks. Have fun!

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