Rainbow Play: Foam sheets on the window!

We have had a fun little activity going on here alllll week. 
We cut foam sheets into strips and gold coins.
But didn’t have a black foam sheet for the pot of gold. 
What could be used…oh, a take out container would work!
This was on the little table and I put it by the door:
Foam strips, foam gold coins, foam black pot, and a little bowl of water.
Everyone had so much fun with this!  They played for a looong time.
And ever since, when a piece falls down, they will go into the bathroom and wet the piece under the sink and put it back up. 

 Baby Girl loved this activity!  It took a whole 15 minutes before she drank the water in the bowl.  I was surprised it took that long. 🙂
We have been doing so many fun Rainbow play activities this week.  Little Guy has a new line when we say the colors of the rainbow:  “Don’t forget the indigo and violet, Mom”.