Rainbow Ladder Visual Motor Activity

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This rainbow visual motor activity is perfect for building visual motor integration skills.  Visual motor integration activities like this one help kids to work on the skills needed to form letters and numbers correctly, to write on lines, and to copy words and sentences from a model.  Kids will love to create a rainbow ladder with this scented marker activity as they work on skills they need in a creative and fun way!

Kids will love this rainbow visual motor activity to address the skills needed for handwriting.

Rainbow Visual Motor Activity

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You’ll need just a couple of materials for this visual motor integration activity:

To prepare this activity, you’ll need to draw dots in a vertical column down the left side of the paper and matching dots in a column down the right side of the paper.  Then, use a black magic marker to make vertical lines for the sides of the “ladder”.

Try this rainbow visual motor activity to help kids work on handwriting in a creative way.

Visual Motor Integration Activity

When doing this activity, be sure to ensure the child is connecting the dots from the left to the right.  Try these tips to make sure the child is building those visual motor skills:

Ask the child to start the marker on the left dot.  If they miss the dot, use verbal or visual cues to help them with the remaining dots.

Use this rainbow visual motor activity to work on handwriting skills.
Watch the child’s horizontal lines across the page.  If the line goes up or down below 1/4″-1/2″ from an imaginary strait line, use verbal and visual cues for the remaining trials.  

Ask the child to stop at the right dot.  If the line stops before the dot or extends beyond the dot, use verbal or visual cues for the remaining trials.

Use the black vertical lines as a visual cue to slow down the marker stroke for improved accuracy. 

Work on visual motor integration with this rainbow visual motor activity.

More ways to extend this activity to address visual motor development:

Use large paper (easel paper or butcher paper) hanging on the wall.
Stand at an easel or dry erase board.
Try making diagonal lines or arched lines like in this visual motor letter rainbow.

Kids will love to make this rainbow ladder while working on visual motor skills.

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