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Light Tunnel
I made this light tunnel for Baby Girl’s Twinkle Twinkle Little Star 1st Birthday party.  Babies love crawling through tunnels, playing in boxes.  When I saw this, I knew my kids would love it in so many ways.  We  used this light tunnel for the party, but have had it in our living room ever since the party and have used it in so many play activities.  
I started with two boxes and stuck them together by cutting a hole in one.  I wanted two entrances since we have so many little little kids in our family.  It would be fun for them to crawl in one entrance and out the other.  One box was a double stroller box that my sister-in-law had at her house. The big box, I grabbed up at an appliance store (before they crushed it down, apparently this happens fast when they unload appliances…the boxes go right into the compactor).

I stabbed the boxes with a screwdriver and stuck the Christmas lights in.  Pretty easy!   

Since the party, we have been using this as a calm down place to chill out with some pillows, blankets, and great books.

Today, I pulled out our bin of corn.  The Big kids thought this was a really fun idea.  They were so excited to put the corn in the light box.  

Doesn’t this look like so much fun???

 We played with dinosaurs, cars, and construction vehicles in the corn. 

Clean up was easy, just tilt the box to pour the corn back into the container.  I think we’ll be doing this again πŸ˜‰

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  1. The corn is from an animal feed store. It came in a 50 pound bag, but smaller amounts may be available. We used some of the corn to feed turkeys and squirrels in our yard. The corn is field corn, so it is larger than regular popping corn. You could also do beans, rice, or split peas, all of which can be purchased pretty inexpensively in bulk. Thank you both for your kind comments!!

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