Valentine’s Day Sensory Bin…and Dyeing Paper

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We were BADLY in need of a paper shredder in our house.   This is just a little bit of the crazy amounts of shredded paper we now have.  But, before it went into the recycle bin, my husband knew there would be something we could make with it!  He knows me 🙂
I thought it would be interesting to try

Dyeing Paper with Food Coloring!

So, I put a bunch of the shredded paper into a plastic bag, added about 10 drops of food coloring, and some water.  I added another plastic bag (a mushy globby explosion in the kitchen is a little much…even for me haha) and tied the top up.  The kids had a fun old time shaking the bag around and generally going crazy.
Typical Day here.
We shook the bag until all of the paper in the bag was coated in red color, poured the damp paper into a cardboard box to let it dry for a few days.
This was the Sensory Bin I made up for the kids to explore.
Little Guy and Baby Girl had a little spatula battle.  Oh, this girl LOOOOVES to play with her big brother and sister.  She loves the action and chaos the big kids bring to Every. Thing!

 I love these little cardboard hearts!  Toilet paper roll pinched into a heart shape and cut into strips. 
So fun!

5 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day Sensory Bin…and Dyeing Paper”

  1. dyed shredded paper could also be used in gift bags, etc—it can be dyed any color depending on the holiday/occasion……..LOVE THIS IDEA FOR RECYCLING

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