Visual Closure Flower Match-Up Activity

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Visual closure is so important when it comes to reading and writing (and really-any written work)!  When a child looks at words and sentences, they typically are able to fill in missing parts of information.  They can predict what is coming when reading sentences, copy words if they don’t see the whole word, solve puzzles, and fill in worksheets.  When visual closure and predicting information or self-correcting missing information is difficult, kids don’t recognize errors in reading, writing, and math.

Visual closure flower themed visual perception activity

Today I’m sharing a flower theme visual closure worksheet.

This visual closure worksheets can help work on the skills needed to develop visual closure.  You can get these worksheets as a FREE resource if you join our newsletter subscriber list.  You’ll be directed to a link where you can access these sheets and all of our other newsletter subscriber freebies. 

To use this visual closure worksheets:  Match up the flower on the left with the  flower on the right.  

Extend this activity:

  • Use yarn to complete the match.  
  • You could also laminate these to re-use.  
  • Use play dough to match the flowers.
Grab your Bug Themed Visual Closure FREE worksheets, too.
Visual closure flower themed visual perception activity
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