Water Beads! | The OT Toolbox

Water Beads!

I've seen Water Bead play all over Pinterest and the web. We had to try them! They are the beads you see in vases with flower arrangements and you can find them in the floral aisle of Walmart. I've even heard that  Dollar Tree carries them. They are non-toxic and supposedly stay squishy for years once they are hydrated.

So easy to do (and fun for little hands). Add water...

Drain the water in a colander and PLAY!
We left them over night but they hydrate in about 6 hours.

Baby Girl LOOOOOVED playing with these things! We had them sitting in this bin on the counter the other day and every time she caught a glimpse, she got all excited and wanted to play.

We kept the binky in the mouth when Baby Girl played.

Use a flashlight and make them shine.

Dinosaurs MAY have been caught stomping, kicking, eating, and fighting the water beads...

So squishy on bare toes! Our neighbor came over with her little guy to get in on the fun.

This was so fun and water beads are so cool to play with. The imagination really emerged  when dinosaurs came onto the table. We have the water beads in a bin with a lid now. What to do with them next....hmmmm... :)