Pencil Control Strips and Self-Assessment


  • 11 pages of pencil control printable pages to help with pencil control skills and pencil grasp simultaneously.
  • Each pencil control strip contains a self-assessment portion to analyze and obtain data on motor planning, coordination, and accuracy of pencil control.
  • Pencil control challenges include heavy tracing lines down to thin tracing lines for improving accuracy and refinement of pencil control



These printable pencil control worksheets can be cut into strips to reduce distraction. Work on one strip at a time to help kids improve consistency and accuracy of their pencil control. They can then assess their accuracy on each type of pencil control task. Use these sheets to practice pencil grasp carryover with increasingly difficult pencil strokes. Refine pencil control with repetitive practice with a variety of themes. This is a digital product.

Pencil Control with fun worksheets!

This digital product contains ten (10) pages of pencil control exercises and self-assessment strips, with various themes, including: sloths, llamas, fire fighters, ball and bat, and monkeys.

Therapists, parents, and teachers can use these pencil control worksheets as handwriting warm-ups, in home exercise programs, or in extension activities. Asking students to self-assess their work can boost carryover, motivation, and follow-through with using  a more efficient pencil grasp.

The printable packet includes:

  • 5 pages of printable pencil control strips
  • 5 pages of self-assessment strips

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