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May Occupational Therapy Calendar Ideas

Another month has flown by and another month of Occupational Therapy calendar ideas is here!  May brings creative outdoor play, multi-sensory activities, and ideas that will help with multiple goal areas.  You might have grabbed our Spring Occupational Therapy packet last month and those ideas will work for this month as well.  You'll want to get your May OT calendar and grab the mini-ebook for extension activities and more creative OT treatment ideas if you haven't already!

April Occupational Therapy calendar of OT treatment ideas.

May Occupational Therapy Calendar

This month's calendar is just a bit different than previous months.  May brings a theme for each day, which is similar to April's calendar of ideas, but this month is just a tad more themed.  I've added a fine motor and gross motor day instead of strictly sensory based ideas.  The best thing about this month is that each day's activity can address many different goal areas.  For example, an activity that falls on a  Tactile Tuesday can work on bilateral coordination, visual scanning, and fine motor skills all while addressing tactile sensory tolerance through texture input.

You will need the May Calendar Toolkit (Get it and the calendar FREE by subscribing to our newsletter list)

Does a month of OT ideas sound like a great way to plan your days at home or do you need to add a creative spin to your Occupational Therapy clinic? This is the calendar for you!  You can grab the calendar by signing up as an email subscriber.  


Be sure to get your Spring Occupational Therapy mini-ebook over in our store, too. This is a resource of over 90 themed activities that you will want to have in your OT back pocket!


April Occupational Therapy calendar of OT treatment ideas.