Disguise the Turkey Digital Activity

This Disguise the Turkey digital activity is an interactive Thanksgiving activity that kids can use to as a disguise the turkey project for this year. In a year when teletherapy and distance learning is the new way, digital activities are the way to go. Recently, I shared a free turkey theme slide deck for virtual therapy sessions. It was a HUGE hit. One thing that readers asked for was an interactive portion on one of the slides. On that slide, you’ll find a turkey with clothing items that students can write about. Today, I’m sharing this free occupational therapy slide deck for a disguise the turkey project in 2020.

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Disguise the turkey with this free interactive slide deck for Thanksgiving.

Disguise the Turkey

So, what is disguise the turkey? This is a fun Thanksgiving activity that all of my kids have done each year in their elementary years. They typically come home with a turkey template and instructions to put on their thinking caps and use materials they find around the home to disguise the turkey, so that he can hide from becoming Thanksgiving dinner.

Students are instructed to use materials in the home, recycled materials, paints, crayons, and other items to glue onto the turkey.

Disguise the turkey usually involves children turning their turkey pal into another character such as Santa Clause, an army guy, a cowboy, fairy, or any topic a child can imagine! One of my own kiddos even dressed his disguise a turkey project into a fidget spinner a few years back. Another of my kids turned their turkey into the Chick-Fil-A cow, and another disguised their turkey into a disco ball. The point is to think outside of the box and make a fun and creative project.

Normally, these disguised turkeys are hung in the school hallway or somewhere in the classroom for all to see the creative turkey fun.

This year is a little different, however.

To add some fun and creativity, I made this digital disguise the turkey slide deck.

Disguise the Turkey interactive slide deck is a free slide deck for teletherapy, digital learning, or virtual classrooms. Use this as a fun family activity based on the typical disguise the turkey projects for Thanksgiving.

Disguise the turkey project

Take the disguise the turkey project a bit further. After students move the interactive pieces onto the slide, they can work on other areas of learning and development so that this turkey project adds to the learning curriculum.

If you are feeling like many parents out there right now, children are spending way too much time on screens. There is a motivating factor and a need for screen-based activities during this time, however.

This disguise the turkey project includes an interactive slide deck to decorate the turkey with costumes, and a writing prompt to use in therapy or learning activities.

That’s why this disguise the turkey project hits the ball out of the park. It’s a fun activity for kids. They will be engaged in disguising their digital turkey with the movable slide pieces. And, if they’ve done a disguise the turkey project in years past, there is a bit of nostalgia that they might experience.

Disguise the Turkey Extension Ideas:

However, you can then extend this project in a way that works for the individual child’s needs in therapy, or in the classroom (or home classroom).

  • Ask students to write out the items that they used on their turkey project.
  • Ask students to write a story about their turkey.
  • Use the prompts on the next slide and they can name their turkey, and fill in the blank about why their turkey is safe in the disguise they designed.
  • Use this slide to work on sentence composure and creative writing.
  • Work on typing skills as students type into the interactive text boxes on the slide.
  • Work on handwriting. Kids can write their responses on paper. This is a fun writing prompt for kids and they can work on letter formation, line use, spacing, letter sizing, and legibility.

You can use this as parents, therapists, and educators to work on all aspects of creative writing, typing, or handwriting.

Free digital slide deck to disguise the turkey!

Free Digital Disguise the Turkey Activity

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    Disguise the Turkey free digital slide deck for teletherapy

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