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Today, I have another occupational therapy teletherapy slide deck to share and it’s all about teaching gratitude, just in time for Thanksgiving. If you’ve been hanging around this site since about March of 2020, then you have probably seen quite a few teletherapy activities in the way of free slide decks. This one is perfect for helping kids understand gratitude and especially in hands-on, practical ways that they can learn gratitude and all that that means. Let me tell you about what all is in this free slide deck and then you can get your copy at the bottom of this blog post.

Plus, use these thankful turkey templates for hands-on activities.

Teaching gratitude is easy with this gratitude activity slide deck for virtual therapy.

Teaching Gratitude

When it comes to teaching gratitude, there is nothing like being immersed in a sense of thankfulness. This gratitude activity helps kids better define what they are thankful for so they can show and express gratitude for the things they are thankful for, both to themselves in the way they understand gratitude, and as an expression to others.

I created these slide decks to help kids identify exactly what it is that they are thankful for, and in a way that helps them use their whole body through gross motor activities, and through fine motor work, as well as handwriting and verbal communication.

In this thankfulness activity, I broke down gratitude into different activities that builds on areas they might be working on in occupational therapy interventions.

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Teaching gratitude to children is fun with this gratitude mindfulness activity.

Teaching Gratitude with Mindfulness

The slide deck includes several activities, one of them being a warm-up activity that encourages mindfulness and deep breathing.

Children can use whole-body movements with big deep breaths in and deep breaths out as they pretend to place imaginary items into a basket. This is a fun way to incorporate deep breathing concepts of mindfulness along with gross motor actions, core strengthening and expanded lung capacity with gratitude as children imagine and think of the things they are thankful for.

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Teach gratitude with a fine motor activity kids will love.

Teaching Gratitude with Fine Motor

The next slide in this free slide deck asks children to draw and cut out paper leaves. This is a nice teletherapy activity using only paper, a pencil, and scissors.

Children can draw, cut, and then curl the edges of their paper leaves, working on fine motor skills such as hand strength, bilateral coordination, pincer grasp, eye-hand coordination, precision, and visual motor skills, as well.

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Teaching kids to be grateful helps with writing it out. Use this gratitude writing activity for kids.

Teaching Gratitude with Handwriting

Children can then write out the things, people, and places that they have gratitude for. This action of writing down gratitude can be a way to make concepts real.

Adding in the handwriting piece makes this a great teletherapy activity for occupational therapy sessions.

Love this gratitude scavenger hunt as a gross motor activity to teach gratitude to kids.

Teaching Gratitude with Gross Motor

The next part of this free slide deck is a movement scavenger hunt. Children can go through the slides and find people, items, or things that they are thankful for, by moving around their home.

This is also a good way to work on visual perceptual skills such as visual attention, visual discrimination, and visual figure ground skills.

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