Fall Sensory Stations

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I have another fun freebie for you! These Fall sensory stations are printable sensory station posters that you can use in classrooms, school hallways, the home, or therapy clinics to offer sensory input and whole body movements with a Fall theme. Just hang these sensory station posters on the wall and add calming sensory input with a Fall theme!

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Fall themed sensory stations for a sensory walk in the school hallways, classroom, therapy clinic, or home.

Earlier this year, we made these free Spring sensory stations and they were a huge hit!

This set of sensory stations are a great addition to our Fall deep breathing exercise we shared yesterday.

Fall Sensory Stations

If you’ve been in a school hallway in recent years, you may have seen a sensory walk. They are fun ways to offer movement for kids, especially when they need a brain break during learning. But sensory walks can be expensive to create. So, going off the theme of adding movement, coping tools, and heavy work input through the proprioceptive system, these Fall sensory system posters for a very inexpensive cost (Hint: it’s nothing! They are free!)

I love these Fall sensory stations because you can print them, laminate them, and place them in the hallway or on a wall for quick movement breaks. Add them to a Fall learning theme, Fall therapy activities, Fall fine motor work, or Fall crafts. They are great prep-work for these Fall writing prompts, too.

These sensory station posters include:

  • Fall Figure 8 Breath Poster- for calming deep breathing, mindfulness, and self-regulation
  • Fall Animal Walk (Leap like a squirrel)- for motor planning input and proprioceptive input
  • Fall Wall Push-Ups- for proprioceptive input through the arms, shoulder girdle
  • Fall Jumping Jacks- for motor planning work, vestibular input, and proprioceptive input
  • Fall Trace and Breathe- for visual tracking, finger isolation, deep breathing, and self-regulation

Free Sensory Station Posters

Want to add these Fall sensory station printables to your therapy toolbox? You can grab this freebie and add it to your tools!

Fall Sensory Walk Posters

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