Let’s Play at the Beach!

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Let’s Imagine we are at the Beach!!!
Hooray it’s Saturday and Summertime!
This week, one of us sisters is lucky enough to be at the beach…so those left behind will have to pretend we are at the beach too!  Take a look at these great posts from last week all about summertime beach fun.  If we can’t be there, we might as well imagine that we are, right?

Here are some of our favorites from last week:


Crab Craft from Preschool Powol Packets– this was a great crafty guest post from Our Crafts~N~Things

Celery Fish Scales by Inspired Montessori and Arts-this is a creative way to stamp out some pretty pictures.
Beach Mat by Crafty Moms Share-  shows us how to make a beach sensory mat.
Beach Sensory Play and Small World Play by Fantastic Fun and Learningthis is a great use of those seashells you collect at the beach!

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